Hour of the Wolf Blogging

The Moon and Jupiter
The Moon and Jupiter

The moon and Jupiter are out tonight. (Shot with the Galaxy S7 – talk about low light!) Yes, that’s Jupiter!

I am up every night at this time, around 4am. Jung called it the hour of the wolf. Either I’m going polyphasic or just getting old. But… I’m thinking if I published one blog post every night at this time instead of scanning Twitter and Instagram I might actually get something accomplished. So here’s my first Hour of the Wolf post. 

  • Tip of the night: transfer.sh – a free command line based file transfer service. Written in Golang by the Dutch Coders. I’m working on getting a self-hosted version of this running on my doorstop server (more about that later). How handy!
  • 24 years ago on this night my first child was born. Happy birthday, Abby. I love you so much.
  • #JeSuisBruxelles – how heartbreaking. What’s wrong with this world?

Good night.