Hello Squarespace

I should have done this ages ago.

My only excuse is that I wanted to know the ins-and-outs of WordPress, so I used a self-hosted WordPress installation for my personal blog. 99% of the activity on that blog was behind the scenes: constantly updating WordPress to fix security holes and bugs. I have wearied of the self-hosting treadmill.

The history of Leoville is long and checkered. I started blogging in early 2001 with a long lost Perl CGI blog program called Grey Matter (footnote – Noah Grey was a pioneer in blogging. He’s still posting on Tumblr.) My first posts are lost forever, but the earliest post I still have is here.

I was promiscuous. I tried Blogger, Moveable Type, Vox, Posterous, WordPress, and a couple of other long ago forgotten platforms. Each transition shed images and links, but for the most part the text has survived. The bigger threat to this blog came from Twitter (and Jaiku, Pownce, and Plurk). Like many others I was seduced by the ease and speed of micro-blogging and let this blog lie fallow.

But as I look back through 14 years of posts I realize that this is the best record of my temporarary infatuations with the technology of the month. From moblogging to Instagram, MySpace to Moveable Type, I fell for them all. And probably will continue to do so. But at least this record of it all will remain safe here at Squarespace.

I still have some of the missing images stored elsewhere including Posthaven – the lifeboat built for people cast adrift by Yahoo’s sinking of the good ship Posterous. I wish I could say the same for pictures left on TextAmerica and Picplz. Lesson learned: keep your stuff on your platform or risk losing it. (I’m not the only one learning this lesson as it turns out .)

I’ll try to fill in some of the missing gaps here. But inevitably Leoville will be only an imperfect record of the second half of my life, from age 45 onward. I hope there’s a lot more left, and with the help of Squarespace perhaps even some of it will survive. For my own entertainment if no one else’s.