By The Numbers

When I first started to do live streaming of our show production, I was worried about streaming capacity. I did some research and found that the record for a live streaming audience had been set in 2005 by AOL’s stream of Live 8: 175,000 peak viewers and a stream of 56Gbps. That was the upper limit, I felt, and it seemed highly unlikely we’d ever have to worry about matching that. 

200,000 Uniques!Now, eight years later, I’ve learned from our CEO, Lisa Kentzell, that the peak live viewership for last week’s Google I/O coverage on TWiT was 200,000. Yesterday we peaked at 180,000 for the Xbox One reveal. That peak happened after Microsoft left the stage and during our panel dissection of what we’d just seen. It seems pretty clear that this is the kind of coverage you want from us.

Thanks to Mike ‘bear’ Taylor, our sysadmin, and our streaming partners BitGravity,, and Flosoft we were able to handle that traffic without a hitch. 

When people ask me for the elevator pitch for TWiT, I always tell them “the CNN of tech” and like CNN our biggest numbers happen when news breaks. We do especially well during coverage of product announcements and big keynotes. I expect we’ll set a new TWiT viewing record during Apple’s WWDC keynote in three weeks. 

But the real story of TWiT’s success isn’t about raw numbers. I use them as a signal to tell me what kind of content you are interested in, but we succeed due to the engagement of our community. One thousand engaged viewers are worth more than 10,000 inattentive viewers. And our community is among the most engaged anywhere. Thank you for making this possible. The TWiT Army rocks!