Changes @ TWiT

This month brings some changes to the TWiT lineup: a new live schedule, a farewell to some old friends, and three new shows.

First the bad news. I am canceling seven shows. I never like canceling a show, but I need to when audience numbers are too low to support them. It’s the part of the media business I like least, but it’s also necessary if TWiT is to continue. Every show I’ve ever worked on was cancelled eventually, so I know how it feels. This month we’ll be saying good-bye to:

Futures in BiotechFutures In Biotech with Marc Pelletier This is one of the longest running shows on TWiT. I think Marc plans to continue producing shows over at Vincent Racaniello’s TWiV network. Keep up with his plans on Twitter: @marcpelletier

Dr. Kiki's Science HourDr Kiki’s Science Hour and TWiS We all love Dr Kiki and hope to see her regularly for science coverage on other TWiT shows. I know she plans to continue TWiS, so follow her on Twitter for updates: @drkiki.

PCPer This is the official podcast of PC Perspective and will continue at their site. Ryan will continue doing This Week In Computer Hardware with Patrick on TWiT. Get updates at @pcper

This Week In Radio TechThis Week In Radio Tech Kirk Harnack and company do a great show, but it turns out not many people are as interested in radio tech as I am. Kirk is going to take the summer off then resume production so follow him for updates: @kharnack.

Trey's Variety HourTrey’s Variety Hour We all love Trey Ratcliff and he will continue to do his hangouts live, but we are going to save some staff time by not re-broadcasting them on TWiT Live. Follow Trey @treyratcliff or his site, Stuck In Customs

TWiT PhotoTWiT Photo As I’m sure you can tell this was a labor of love for both Catherine Hall and me. I’m not sure why it didn’t gain traction; perhaps it’s because you had to watch the video to appreciate it and most of our audience only listens. I’m hoping an angry mob of devoted viewers will force me to reconsider this one. Follow Catherine on her website.

Goodbye old friends – we’ll miss you for sure. But we’re using the resources freed up by cancelling these shows to produce three new shows, which will debut this month on TWiT.

iFive for the iPhone Sarah Lane will host this quick half-hour show devoted to the iPhone. iFive for the iPhoneEach show will feature five tips or apps to help you get the most out of your iPhone. We’ve been doing iPad Today and All About Android for more than a year now. I felt it was time to let the iPhone shine with a show of its own. iFive debuts Monday, July 16 at 11a Pacific/2p Eastern/1800 UTC.

Know How… with Iyaz Akhtar. Each week Iyaz and I will tackle a topic in computing and show you how to do it with hands-on demos. Know How...Whether it’s rolling our own cloud, securing your Wi-Fi, or building a PC, Know How… will show you how. Know How debuts Thursday, July 5 at 3p Pacific/6p Eastern/2200 UTC.

This Week In Enterprise Tech Enterprise guru (and Jesuit priest) Fr. Robert Ballecer (aka Friar Tech or @padresj) leads his team in solving the toughest enterprise challenges. This Week In Enterprise TechEach show will feature a case study and will describe the solutions top IT professionals use to get the job done. While it’s geared toward business technology, we’re going to make sure this show is loaded with information every geek can use. TWiET debuts Monday, July 16 at noon Pacific/3p Eastern/1900 UTC.

Finally, to fill the holes left by our departing shows, and to make our live recording schedule a little more user friendly we’re adjusting the start times for many shows starting July 2. The grid below shows you the live schedule at a glance. Reminder: this is only a change to the live schedule – on demand downloads will continue to be available shortly after the show is recorded.

The biggest change is that Tech News Today is moving to 10a Pacific/1p Eastern/1700 UTC Monday through Friday. Now Tom Merritt and company won’t have to wait for Leo, the perpetually late, any more. And we hope this will get you your daily tech news fix at a better time for your afternoon commute. Never fear, if news breaks later in the day the TNT team will be there to cover it.

You’ll see that The Giz Wiz is moving back to its old time, Tuesdays at 1p Pacific/4p Eastern/2000 UTC. Before You Buy, All About Android, and Ham Nation are moving, too.

We’re also moving a few shows to begin on the hour. I think it’s easier to remember a show that starts at 1p not 1:30p.

TWiT Live Schedule

The key to show abbreviations:

AAA = All About Android
BYB = Before You Buy
FLOSS = Floss Weekly
FR = Framerate
HAM = Ham Nation
HTG = Home Theater Geeks
iFIVE = iFive for the iPhone
iPT = iPad Today
KH… = Know How…
MBW = Macbreak Weekly
SN = Security Now
TNT = Tech News Today
TRI = Triangluation
TSH = The Social Hour
TTG = The Tech Guy radio show
TWiCH = This Week In Computer Hardware
TWiET = This Week In Enterprise Tech
TWiG = This Week In Google
TWiL = This Week In Law
TWiT = This Week In Tech
WDGW = Daily Giz Wiz
WW = Windows Weekly

Phew! Still reading? Thanks!

I know change can be a little disorienting, and I don’t like to do it too often myself, but I feel these particular changes will help TWiT do a better job giving you the tech news and info you need. I wrote a little mission statement for myself, to remind me what we’re all about here:

TWiT aims to build and sustain an engaged community of technology enthusiasts by offering them the help, news, and information they need to understand and use digital technology.

The TWiT team and I work every day to fulfill this mission. We care about the work we do, and do everything we can to serve you. Thank you for your continued support. I hope we’ll meet at the Brick House some day.

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  1. What if it started with something broad like HTML5 and then venture off into other territories. It could cover initally CSS3, jquery, AJAX, and javascript and all of this you could start to take with you into other languages (that could later be covered). 

  2. Yeah, that’s the big problem with something as generic as “programming” for a show… FLOSS already has about four subaudiences, and every time I put too much of one type of show in the sequence, I get email from the other three audiences. 🙂

  3. @Jeff Ratte, you might be surprised by this, but most programming in the world has nothing to do with HTML.  So a show on *programming* might mention HTML only every fourth or fifth show.

  4. Some advertisers count global numbers, some do not. Global media is a new idea and most US advertising agencies are spending dollars earmarked for US audiences, so it’s frankly a measure of how far we have come that we can get international numbers counted at all. 
    Using our offer code when you can helps, but we get paid by impressions, not purchases. 
    Thanks so much for listening and watching!!

  5. @Randal Schwartz  I realize “programming” is more meant towards structured programming languages but scripting languages shouldn’t be left out. HTML5 is where all the talk is now and is much more than just a few tags being added. I think it’s really an umbrella term… It would be a developer show nonetheless anyhow, right?  

  6. Even the novice and technology challenged can be enthusiastic. If not already, let’s enthuse them. 🙂

  7. I am sad to see Futures in BioTech go, I use to take Ambien to help me fall asleep until i started watching it. looks like it is back to the Ambien.  😛

  8. Leo, just want to say thanks for what I considered the best all-around photo show on the web. Starting with Lisa and then lucky to work alongside Catherine Hall must have been just a fantastic ride. Your passion always shined, you were the amature that represented me when all those fantastic guest came to the TWIT studio. If not for you and Catherine  I would have never taken any classes, never opened my mind up to other forms of art….and NEVER WOULD HAVE SPENT SO MUCH MONEY! I love gear, I don’t expect it to make me better….you and that damn 50mm 1.2! Seriously though, it just goes to show that if you don’t know what’s behind the curtain…I really thought the show was holding it’s own but like you said the advertisers were not there with the placements. To me it’s just a sad day when I think of what will I do with my Tuesdays at 1pm. I listen to most of the shows on your network and I will continue to do so because noone does it better. Thanks for at least giving it a go…and happy shooting Leo.

  9. Please…please…please keep TWiT PHOTO. The guests you have our world class. It really is the only show that you consistenly do that. So interesting and useful for us amatuer / budding photographers!!!!

  10. No more TWIT PHOTO! NOOOOOOOOOO! I love this show. I understand how hard it would be for you cancelling it. Learned so much from all the photographers on the show. 🙁

  11. If Know How proves to be sucessful I would love a show similar to that but focused on programming where we learn to code something every week.
    I agree it would be a big challenge as I don’t see a normal podcast working for programming.  It would be like doing a iOS/Android/WP7 show all in one which would just annoy 1/3 of the audience each episode.  A Programming show would also have to be visual and you mentioned TWiT Photo failed becuase of that…
    Anyway I hope you at least trial a programming show. 
    I really like the new schedule TNT is at a far better time for the UK now.  I ended up keeping twit on all evening after watching TNT (it makes for great brackground noise while grinding away in Diablo 3 :)) instead of just tuning in for TNT before going to sleep.

  12. Regarding “audio only”, as I understand it, a show with audio only will save only the bandwidth of video, but would probably cost Leo almost as much to prepare.  You still have to have a video producer in studio during the taping, and people to edit the raw tape to the final show.  Leo may chime in otherwise, but I think this is the case.

  13. @jeff, Again, you have a very small view of “programming”.  Sure, there’a a lot of coding for web clients, but there’s far more programming for things that never touch the web.  And amazingly enough, a lot of that is done in “scripting languages”.  So that’s a false dichotomy.

  14. Thanks for the transparency, Leo. I wanted to like TWiT Photo, but it just wasn’t what I had in mind. The long interview format wasn’t for me. I am still hoping for a photo show on camera gear, tips, etc. Myself, I like the round table much better than the one-on-one. I know it’s hard to do and you don’t want to go too pro like TWIP, but if you find the right people I think you can do it!

  15. The award-winning “Tips From the Top Floor” photography podcast is primarily audio-only.  It’s all about the content, not the presentation.

  16. But you can’t conflate podcasts like TFTTF with our shows. Most podcasts are hobbies, or at best, done for promotional purposes (like TFTTF). Very few cover their production costs, let alone make money for the hosts. We’re trying to build a business around our shows. It ain’t easy. 

  17. Steve could do it solo and I’d be fine with it. This show isn’t about production, but information and content. Much like a good lecture. It’s extremely valuable in its current format!Plus leo needs a rest.

  18. Leo, you say you are cancelling seven shows, but you only list six? What am I missing here?

  19. Sad to see TWiT Photo go into hiatus, with Catherine Hall on board it became a great show. I liked most of the interviews and I learned a great deal. 

  20. Count again: FIB, Dr Kiki’s Science Hour, TWiS, PC Per, Trey’s Variety Hour, TWiRT, and TWiT Photo. If you count recent drops, ION and Fourcast it’s really nine shows. 

  21. No!  Not Twit Photo!  You can’t let Catherine Hall get away.  Next to MBW it’s the best show you have on the network!  Stick with it. Even Seinfeld was close to cancellation early on.  I’m one of those that listends AND watches.  I’m usually traveling when it’s on live and listen.  Then I go back to my computer later to watch.  Maybe my live streaming of the show from iTunes doesn’t register as a download.  If that’s the case, I’m sure there are others (those of us with unlimited AT&T data) that listen to the live stream rather than download.  Don’t let this show go!

  22. Because Windows is boring and Windows phones can’t buy a customer!

  23. Please don’t cancel Twit Photo. This was outstanding, your best show by a mile !

  24. James, I am rethinking about having my podcatcher grab TNT and listen on the way home. It and BOL always has worked as background noise for me recapping daily tech news.
    About the live stuff, it’s not so much that it’s live, but there are a bazillion of us east coasters that made Leo big, not just west coasters or international viewers. 7PM, my apartment filled with people of all walks to watch TSS. I enjoy that I can catch AAA or NSFW in the evening, and I’m hoping that more of that comes along. 
    /selfish post

  25. Please don’t cancel Twit Photo. One of my favourite shows on TWIT. The fact that it was video vs audio based is what made it so great. Very inspirational. BTW: re: Radio Tech show: could never understand why you canceled Maxwell’s House but kept this turkey going. Long discussions about tube amps and broadcast transmission towers would be better on the ‘This Week in Buggy Whips’ network. 

  26. Twit photo is important to Twit.tvI’m not a photographer, I rarely take photos and to tell you the truth, as a traveller I get quite annoyed at the fact that every man and his dog thinks he is a photographer, as often they think they deserve to be in the spots to get their picture, at the expense of non-photographers. However, I actually enjoy Twit photo, its quite fascinating and I’m pretty sure many budding photographers would love watching, if only they knew about it.
    As I said, it seems that every man and his dog does think he is a photographer. Its definitely a very big, and growing, market.Its also a market full of people who aren’t tech dudes. Thats why Twit photo hasn’t gained traction yet, the market will be a new market to Twit, and this is what you need to grow. If you only pitch your shows at your existing viewers you cannot possibly grow. This show needs to be marketed, using the best of the social techniques, which you haven’t really had to do much of up to now, but it can grow.
    For advertising, have you considered getting countries as advertisers. Try VisitScotland or Turkey. They both advertise a lot, and their strengths are their beauty, and they would love to encourage more photographers to visit, as each published photo is an advert in itself. I’m sure there are many US states, or even Canada who might do the same.
    For Twit, as a network and a brand, Twit Photo is very important. It adds depth to the network while still being tech related, and it is a teaching show, which you have mentioned you want more of. It is also a classy show, and that is good for the network. Also, it is a show that doesn’t age, the shows can be watched in 6 months and still be relevant.
    Instead of killing Twit photo, you should build it. Give it it’s own life, it’s own website, and maybe even it’s own App. Get a community built up. Try to get Trey’s google hangouts as a part of Twit photo (on the website/app not on Twit) even. Use Twit photo to get new people to the Twit network.
    Sometimes you need to ignore the numbers and do it anyway, and this is one of those times. Don’t let the accountants make the decisions!

  27. Yes, clearly, TFTTF has one sponsor, Chris Marquardt’s business.  I was just talking about the sustainability of an audio-only “photography” podcast.

  28. Very sad to see Futures in Biotech and the Science Hour go. Now Security Now and the occasional Triangulation are the only real twit podcasts I’m interested in.
    I’m not angry at twit, they’re just following demand. But I’m disappointed that people are so much more interested in the business surrounding technology than the progression of science and technology itself.
    Well off to see if FiB finds a home with TWIV. I already enjoy those guys other stuff so this would be another great work of theirs.

  29. Didnt watch any of the shows you cancelled, so i will be looking forward to seeing the new stuff.
    Plus the earlier starts are good for me, as they now start at 6pm UK time, perfect for travel time.
    Thannks Leo.

  30. I really enjoy TWIT Photo and watch it every week. Yes it must be watched, but I make time for it because I have learned a lot from that show. There must be some form of monetizing the show. It’s hard to believe that a photo gear vendor (B&H?) would not want to advertise. I have bought many pieces of gear (camera, extra lenses, better flash, bag…) from having TWIT Photo inspire my love of photography. Please re-consider.

  31. Hi Leo and all the team at Twit I hope you would re-consider not to loose Twit Photo. I would like to give you my view on Twit Photo and why I think your not getting as many viewers than you would like and i have seen this many times in the chat room and that is I think people have expected to see a more hands on approach a more techinical show actually showing the technique. The shows are mostly about the photographer and not the subject in hand and when you have shown technique I find the show much more enjoyable and I’m sure the audience would agree.My self I watch Twit Photo – Ipad Today and Ham nation always live when I can and it would be a great loss to lose Twit Photo so please please reconsider. All the best keep up the good work………

  32. I really loved Call for Help when it was on TV. You should try and bring that back with Amber. I don’t know if you own the name for it or anything but a show like that would be wonderful again. 🙂

  33. May I add my voice to the calls to retain TWiT Photo? It really is a great show

  34. Leo, thanks for hosting FiB for so long. Some of Marc’s material is right at the edge of my comprehension, but his boundless enthusiasm helped me find the way to grok what his guests were talking about any why it was important. I’ll look for the podcast at its new home; I hope the fine of shows on TWiT will remain available for people who discover the show in the future. Good job, sir.

  35. For TWiT Photo, maybe the advertisers could be reminded that although the number of viewers are less than the listeners for other shows, by the fact that they are watching a video, none of them are watching the show in double-speed. Also, when watching the show, it gets the primary attention, rather than the secondary (or less) while driving, doing chores, etc.

  36. Dear Leo,
    I am not an angry mob, but I regularly listen (sometimes watch) TWIT Photo and would miss its departure. I ask you to reconsider it cancellation.
    Frank Monaldo

  37. Will miss twit photo 🙁  Educational and entertaining.Learned a lot about photography from this show

  38. I work from home and my total listening hours are way down. My guess is your overall hours listended is down also.I used to listen to almost every show. The new website has run me off. It is just too time consuming to navigate thru to each show, try to figure out where I left off. I used to just go to the home page, listen to every show available…
    I am down to listening to only my 2 favorite show now, security now and the tech guy.
    I would love it if you figure out how to get lazy people like me to listen to all the show again.
    I now listen to the am radio most of the time because it is a passive activity. I don’t have to waste my time digging around the website, going to the pages of every show, figuring out where I left off.
    I really am not writing to complain, I miss listening to all the shows. I would be great if you could figure out a way for lazy people like me to use the site like a radio..

  39. Leo,
     I actually do programming for all actually (not just to support myself but teaching). Started when I was 8 and left high school to run my own ISV (Independent Software Vendor) and sold out to Earthlink with a Popup Stopper, remember those (it was good enough for me to quit school but quickly learned I needed something else to back it up, FAST & joined the family business in Food/Bev & made Software for just that industry but boring story).
    I only mention the above because I am completely self-taught. I know what it’s like to get confused seeing if, else, < > & == and so forth (uber beginner stuff). These little operators can make or break a program. Since I learned that the hard way, I started doing my own channel of tech stuff (I won’t link it but it’s called TechMeShow). If you ever see one of my videos, I teach you literally from start (making a new project) to the end (literally deploying, when needed).
    I don’t AIM for one specific type of person. I feel to teach, especially programming, even the experienced professionals can sometimes forget the simplest thing and exactly why you need to teach assuming they have no clue about programming. I really think you need to show from start to end only because you start to remember headers/includes you need to normally include in your App’s for them to be operational. More importantly? I think code (for the most part) should be OPEN or at least the idea what needs to be done, how you could get it done, and if you’re a nice guy, show how you will help them get it done and can’t stress enough that you should teach for an idiot and I can’t stop repeating myself and say that.
    Yes you will have advanced developers watching but still need to sometimes be reminded and shown your normal development methods CAN always have a backup method and sometimes your method could be greatly improved but unless you keep getting fed the same meal, you could miss the flavors that make the best meal that’s worth re-ordering every time you go back.
    I personally develop in C#/C#.NET, Silverlight (3+) VB/VB.NET/VBScript, HTML/CSS, very minor JavaScript (been brushing up for Windows 8), PHP (4+), Bash Scripting, and sure other languages I dabble in but not enough to be confident enough to be tested on it and prove myself.
    Now, if you look at the languages, they all have the capability working with protocols like SSH, TCP/UDP/ICMP, and FTP. You Leo are the LAST PERSON EVER that needs to be reminded of this. If anything, you know better than some of the programmers I have worked with as their mindset was how to do something not how or what goes on and that’s when crappy development (holes/bugs) come to play. In my experience… People don’t classify these protocols/daemons as a language but we use them in programming all the time (even sending POST/PUT/GET/CHMOD/DIR/MKDIR) and have a set of their own commands.
    Knowing these commands a bit better really helps in programming as we know if we GET, it means to receive and really important when using API’s or using Web Forms. So to me, I would like to say these are languages I know but to those who are advanced programmers or end-users, I would look silly but do you ever see a programming show talk enough about these? It’s important to know the protocols and the way information is transferred to be a successful developer, or maybe not but when you get in to Enterprise development and using SSL/TLS for Email/FTP is important.
    Again, not trying to lecture (OK maybe a little :))  but I think if you do, do a development show. I really recommend your Host(s) always remember to talk about the CORE of what’s going on. I will tell you, who ever you do hire, if you even choose to do a programming show, I will ALWAYS be available to donate code and people don’t get it but some of us are willing to donate aka volunteer time/code as if we don’t keep coders coding for platforms, these platforms will eventually expire or become less desirable and the more App’s on a platform to provide a better end-user experience, us dev’s have a good chance to keep doing what we do and to compete against each other (or the big corps).
    Very sorry for the long message, if you got this far, you’re awesome! I just get maybe too passionate about this and probably pathetic but when you spend 18+ Hour’s a day at what you love, it’s a love you want everyone to share.
    Thanks for asking me the questions and HUGE Fan but also remember to download TWiT for WP7 (yeah, I have been concentrating on WP7 & Windows 8 lately) as it is free and will be getting a LIVE feature soon (
    Lance Seidman

  40. @Jeff I concur. More platforms ARE including HTML(5)/CSS(3) as a language you really can almost make full App’s out of. If you’ve tried the Windows 8 SDK, you’ll notice they keep pushing JavaScript/HTML/CSS for making Metro App’s.
    Sure you’d normally think of it to display a website perhaps? Truth is, and not really in the case for iOS yet (even though Steve Jobs claimed Web App’s would be the only thind needed) but you can take your basic C#/C++/VB in VS Express w/Win8 SDK and make a great App that grabs remote API’s and take I/O in your App and grab the incoming web-requests content and output however desired & store even locally on the machine (IsolatedStorage).
    Yes you can use HttpClient (using System.Net.Http.HttpClient) for a HTTP GET request (HttpResponseMessage response = await http.GetAsync(“”);) and customize your UI in XAML but like Google said at Google I/O (forgive me Microsoft), use what you know and I think more will come to Windows 8 to use their web scripting knowledge (or I hope).
    So as I agree HTML5 is becoming more widely available and you can practically port it to any other platform making it almost a develop once and use everywhere and that is POWERFUL. Even better not having to use PhoneGap but issue is? It still isn’t 100% yet and the platforms don’t ALL recognize HTML5 the same yet as each platform integrates specifics differently (meaning not offering this or that like product B does) but Windows 8 would be a good place to show off your web skills. 🙂

  41. Please keep TWiT Photo. I have learned so much with you two! If Cathrine is going to to her own show, you could hoave your co-host be Alex L or Burt? Maybe you could devote a part of the show to using Photoshop, Lightroom,or Aperture? You could talk a little more about gear and how to use it? Its a lot of fun each week to try out one of Cathrine’s tips. From the looks of all the people posting, it  seems like this will be the show most wanted to stay and I can agree! 

  42. I’ve been listening to TWIT since it was in single digits of episodes. I think the problem over the last year is that it has moved to a video format, rather than an audio format. Nothing wrong with this when you take the time to “paint pictures with your words”, sadly most of the time you no longer do this. Living in the UK, the option to watch the live stream is a bit limited, and finding you on Youtube whilst possible does not suit my listening patern, I listen in the car mostly, so watching is not normally an option.
    Couple of things you might want to consider, a summary show of what we missed on the Twit network this week, purely as an audio show or an international edition. Frankly I’m completely at a loss with all the different Andriod hand sets, Cable options and TV programs – that never make it across the pond.
    I’ll still listen to Twit, for the time being, but without a focus on the audio element I suspect my days are numbered

  43. I think people have expected to see a more hands on approach a more techinical show actually showing the technique. The shows are mostly about the photographer and not the subject in hand and when you have shown technique I find the show much more enjoyable and I’m sure the audience would precision

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