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This month brings some changes to the TWiT lineup: a new live schedule, a farewell to some old friends, and three new shows.

First the bad news. I am canceling seven shows. I never like canceling a show, but I need to when audience numbers are too low to support them. It’s the part of the media business I like least, but it’s also necessary if TWiT is to continue. Every show I’ve ever worked on was cancelled eventually, so I know how it feels. This month we’ll be saying good-bye to:

Futures in BiotechFutures In Biotech with Marc Pelletier This is one of the longest running shows on TWiT. I think Marc plans to continue producing shows over at Vincent Racaniello’s TWiV network. Keep up with his plans on Twitter: @marcpelletier

Dr. Kiki's Science HourDr Kiki’s Science Hour and TWiS We all love Dr Kiki and hope to see her regularly for science coverage on other TWiT shows. I know she plans to continue TWiS, so follow her on Twitter for updates: @drkiki.

PCPer This is the official podcast of PC Perspective and will continue at their site. Ryan will continue doing This Week In Computer Hardware with Patrick on TWiT. Get updates at @pcper

This Week In Radio TechThis Week In Radio Tech Kirk Harnack and company do a great show, but it turns out not many people are as interested in radio tech as I am. Kirk is going to take the summer off then resume production so follow him for updates: @kharnack.

Trey's Variety HourTrey’s Variety Hour We all love Trey Ratcliff and he will continue to do his hangouts live, but we are going to save some staff time by not re-broadcasting them on TWiT Live. Follow Trey @treyratcliff or his site, Stuck In Customs

TWiT PhotoTWiT Photo As I’m sure you can tell this was a labor of love for both Catherine Hall and me. I’m not sure why it didn’t gain traction; perhaps it’s because you had to watch the video to appreciate it and most of our audience only listens. I’m hoping an angry mob of devoted viewers will force me to reconsider this one. Follow Catherine on her website.

Goodbye old friends – we’ll miss you for sure. But we’re using the resources freed up by cancelling these shows to produce three new shows, which will debut this month on TWiT.

iFive for the iPhone Sarah Lane will host this quick half-hour show devoted to the iPhone. iFive for the iPhoneEach show will feature five tips or apps to help you get the most out of your iPhone. We’ve been doing iPad Today and All About Android for more than a year now. I felt it was time to let the iPhone shine with a show of its own. iFive debuts Monday, July 16 at 11a Pacific/2p Eastern/1800 UTC.

Know How… with Iyaz Akhtar. Each week Iyaz and I will tackle a topic in computing and show you how to do it with hands-on demos. Know How...Whether it’s rolling our own cloud, securing your Wi-Fi, or building a PC, Know How… will show you how. Know How debuts Thursday, July 5 at 3p Pacific/6p Eastern/2200 UTC.

This Week In Enterprise Tech Enterprise guru (and Jesuit priest) Fr. Robert Ballecer (aka Friar Tech or @padresj) leads his team in solving the toughest enterprise challenges. This Week In Enterprise TechEach show will feature a case study and will describe the solutions top IT professionals use to get the job done. While it’s geared toward business technology, we’re going to make sure this show is loaded with information every geek can use. TWiET debuts Monday, July 16 at noon Pacific/3p Eastern/1900 UTC.

Finally, to fill the holes left by our departing shows, and to make our live recording schedule a little more user friendly we’re adjusting the start times for many shows starting July 2. The grid below shows you the live schedule at a glance. Reminder: this is only a change to the live schedule – on demand downloads will continue to be available shortly after the show is recorded.

The biggest change is that Tech News Today is moving to 10a Pacific/1p Eastern/1700 UTC Monday through Friday. Now Tom Merritt and company won’t have to wait for Leo, the perpetually late, any more. And we hope this will get you your daily tech news fix at a better time for your afternoon commute. Never fear, if news breaks later in the day the TNT team will be there to cover it.

You’ll see that The Giz Wiz is moving back to its old time, Tuesdays at 1p Pacific/4p Eastern/2000 UTC. Before You Buy, All About Android, and Ham Nation are moving, too.

We’re also moving a few shows to begin on the hour. I think it’s easier to remember a show that starts at 1p not 1:30p.

TWiT Live Schedule

The key to show abbreviations:

AAA = All About Android
BYB = Before You Buy
FLOSS = Floss Weekly
FR = Framerate
HAM = Ham Nation
HTG = Home Theater Geeks
iFIVE = iFive for the iPhone
iPT = iPad Today
KH… = Know How…
MBW = Macbreak Weekly
SN = Security Now
TNT = Tech News Today
TRI = Triangluation
TSH = The Social Hour
TTG = The Tech Guy radio show
TWiCH = This Week In Computer Hardware
TWiET = This Week In Enterprise Tech
TWiG = This Week In Google
TWiL = This Week In Law
TWiT = This Week In Tech
WDGW = Daily Giz Wiz
WW = Windows Weekly

Phew! Still reading? Thanks!

I know change can be a little disorienting, and I don’t like to do it too often myself, but I feel these particular changes will help TWiT do a better job giving you the tech news and info you need. I wrote a little mission statement for myself, to remind me what we’re all about here:

TWiT aims to build and sustain an engaged community of technology enthusiasts by offering them the help, news, and information they need to understand and use digital technology.

The TWiT team and I work every day to fulfill this mission. We care about the work we do, and do everything we can to serve you. Thank you for your continued support. I hope we’ll meet at the Brick House some day.

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  1. Ah, ok. I didn’t realize the scope. I am myself a web developer and use PHP and Javascript but I have also touched upon <i>some</i> C++ and C but only in college courses. In any case, a programming show, in whatever language, would still interest me! (Or even just programming segments)

  2. Overall I like all the changes. One thing that I’ve noticed is that not all TWiT (On Demand) Apps have the current list of all TWiT active shows. I don’t think TWiT makes each of these apps, but maybe you guys could work with them to keep the list of active shows current, that might help some of the newer shows out.

  3. We’re working on it, but we can’t control the third-party apps. Mediafly’s apps, included the TWiT-branded mobile apps, no longer are updated by Mediafly and that’s out of our control. 

  4. Pruning hurts, but you gotta do what you gotta do. Thanks for keeping the best Podcast…erm…Netcast network alive and well, Leo!

  5. to bad …great shows cancelled ..for yet another Apple show…  When will there we this week in Windows, This week in Linux, this week in Windows Phone. ?   If you starting a new show about Apple …why not call it  This week in Apple Lawsuites  TWAL 🙂   

  6. As long as you don’t mess with Security Now!!
    Thanks for the great shows and info.

  7. love the shows and the TWiT    and like Sarha a lot , but i cant help to hope somewhere iFIVE will fail miserable . so you can repalce it with something interesting .. like science 🙂   

  8. Well there’s Windows Weekly, FLOSS Weekly, and again Windows Weekly for Windows Phone with any big announcement being covered by TNT and TWiT. 

  9. Apparently not many twit listeners or advertisers find science interesting enough. On the other hand, Macbreak Weekly and iPad Today are doing great!

  10. I’m sure that the moment Leo gets confirmation that anything exciting is happening, or anyone in the world cares what’s happening in the world of Linux, Windows or Windows Phone – Leo will create a show for it!  😛

  11. So excited about the new “This Week in Enterprise Tech”!  I work in storage manufacturing for a large TLA company and am eager to listen to this podcast.  Thanks, Leo.

  12. This Week In Enterprise Tech is going to be the best thing on the TWiT network Leo.  I have been waiting for more high level content since TWiT began!
    As a side note, do you think at some point we can get a coding show going on the network?  How cool would it be to have a show that each month you build an application or web app that is useful in everyday use?!  I think that would be the coolest!

  13. Thanks for the update, just not sure you can cover Tech News Today at 10AM Pacific Time.  More like Tech News Yesterday? Would have rather seen TNT stay at it’s time to get the majory of the days news.

  14. Leo, I applaud you for the hard work being done every day by you and the staff at TWiT. You can’t make everyone happy, but the changes are necessary and I’m okay with them. I’m just going to share my thoughts on the schedule because…I can.
    I never listened to BOL. It came on too early. By the time I got the podcast the next morning for my commute, the news was stale. I enjoyed coming home on the east coast and watching TNT. I understand the move, but now there’s no way I’m going to watch the show unless it’s really quiet at my work.
    I do like that there are some shows on the 6PM hour here on the west coast. I now will be watching Framerate, which I did not before, BYB’s taping, etc. My other favorite shows I will continue to download and I’ll continue to watch you on Saturdays and Sundays live as much as I can.
    From 5-9PM Eastern, I will watch all kinds of live programming, if it’s on. If it’s not live, I’ll just go watch something else. I hope eventually you can gauge your live viewers and continue to accomdate them as best as you can. I know you’re a live global channel, so it’s tricky and I get it. Just my thoughts.

  15. It’s ok.  Nothing will compare with the heartbreak I experienced when you took Ray Maxwell off the air 😀
    Seriously tho, more exposure for Friar Tech and Iyaz is a fantastic thing.  Looking forward to their shows.

  16. Actually I thought about this too (wow, am I turning into a posting nut or WHAT today)… I actually think I’ll like it better to have TNT in the can and on my pocketcasts catcher before I go home because it lets me listen to stuff in an uninturrupted stream rather than ***buffering*** which can be rather adgitating as you ***buffering*** wait to actually find out what was said on the ***buffering*** show. So I like the change personally 🙂

  17. We do do a show on Windows, Windows Weekly Thursdays at 11a Pac/2p Eastern, and the host, Paul Thurrott wrote the most authoritative book on Windows Phone 7, so I think it’s very well covered. Weekly!

  18. The next round of show launches will be in the fall and I’m working on a show for developers. It’s a challenging topic so I’ll need to come up with something original. 

  19. Audio and video on-demand is still our bread and butter and will be for the forseeable future. We air our sessions live mostly because it’s fun. 

  20. Tom and I talked about this a lot. Buzz Out Loud was at 10a – and we originally avoided the time so as not to conflict with them. It’s been his experience that you don’t miss much – remember it’s already early afternoon on the east coast. Just earnings calls. And we will always cover breaking news whenever it happens. I consider the TNT team our news department. 

  21. that and you like having an external database of the chat room 🙂 and we like being able to interact with you! 

  22. Change is never easy and I will especially miss Dr. Kiki’s shows.  There are too few outlets for pure science, especially in a place like TWiT that’s fairly mainstream to the podcasting world.  Since my wife got her Ph.D. in May, I’ve had a deeper respect for what Kiki did in her her academics.  Even better was her ability to ask the right questions over a broad range of scientific topics.  I lok forward to listening to her wherever she lands.

  23. Your TWiT Mission Statement should go beyond the engaged “technology enthusiast”.  TWiT fills a void for the novice and the technology challenged.  TWiT is the best of the breed distributing a world of knowledge quite literally to the whole world.  And I, for one, Thank You for all you do to go over and above everyone’s expectations.

  24. Thanks for the update leo, and although it is sad seeing old friends leave we will always support you and what you’re doing.  Though I must say something.  Dr.  Kiki we appreciate your work to disseminate science, and we love you for it.  Science is a fascinating and inspiring world, and it is hard to get into – but over the years Dr. Kiki has changed my thoughts on that, and I appreciate you so much for that.  I also loved the passion you and your team brought to photography Catherine and Leo.  As well as all the other shows you’ve done.  Thank you so much guys. You’ve changed how I view internet broadcasting, and we all love you for it.

  25. I’m dissapointed to hear TWIRT had to go, but that’s just way it goes I guess (and you gotta admit, TWIRT has rather niche kind of audicence). I’m looking forward to your new show with Iyaz! Keep up the great work Leo!

  26. Business is business, and I hope you continue to evolve to keep your network growing!  Like others, I’m excited for TWiET.  “Friar Tech” has done a great job on his TWiT appearences.

  27. The fact that Leo tells us what’s going in speaks so highly about his continued commitment to the TWIT-network in general and his attitude since the ZDTV days (and probably way before). I came to the USA around the time ZDTV>TechTV was at its most popular and not having had anything like it in the UK, I was mindblown. 10+ years later I am still mindblown what Leo does with his team. I have nothing but admiration for the effort he puts in to provide us all with good honest content. Thank you Leo + team. 

  28. The openness that you have with your audience is great.  Just an assumption but I think maybe you are this way because you can be and because of your past.  I remember when techtv cancelled your shows and you were just gone.  I was all silence and no one knew what was going on.  Like no one would notice or something.  Being honest and candid is also good for the hosts of the show.  They know this stuff is newer and there has to be revenue to even pay our production staff to be there…to keep the lights on.  This isn’t motel 6.  At any rate good on you once again for telling your audience the truth.  I will watch as I always have.  I watch your network more than anything else.  My tv hates you.  I love you.  not in that way 🙂  Although that’s ok.

  29. I had high hopes for TWiT Photo, especially after Catherine replaced the seemingly more self-promoting Lisa Bettany.  It seems the long, stale interview format was not exactly what most of us were hopeful for.  I have no doubt a photography show would perform great on TWiT if you’d focus more on demo’s.

  30. You think it can’t be improved, or do you just mean the timeslot?  Steve’s 20 or 30-minute monologues aren’t good radio/TV, IMO. Remember the time Iyaz filled in?  He was too polite to outright say it, but let’s be serious here, Steve might have broken all records that day and seemed perplexed over being asked to put a wrap on it sooner rather than later. It’s much better when it’s reasonably concise and more of a conversation than lengthy prepared comments. If the host could actually leave the building, grab lunch and come back without Steve noticing, it’s probably too much.

  31. Hi Leo,
     I am pretty bummed a Programming Show wasn’t adapted. I really think that would be engaging and have a SourceForge or better yet a GitHub for TWiT & let viewers and the hosts and/or guests work on the projects with the audience, take questions, talk about the latest in programming (languages, platforms, tools) and be an open source community, which in turn really brings on a whole new sophisticated audience.
    However, I do like the new time slots & really hope the videos get to YouTube as I can watch w/o Flash Plugin where that’s not possible on the TWiT site (Unless you make an HTML5 Player & also take your video (mp4/mov/avi) & upload to TWiT server for the player OR embed a JavaScript Script (multi-platform support, including Mobile) & embed the YouTube video on a TWiT page (I do this on my Blog for the TechMeShow videos I make) & maybe only display that if detected as mobile.) but good luck!
    Lance Seidman

  32. Hey Leo,
    Good luck with the new TWiT Line up!
    As you said, it is always sad when a tough decision such as cancelling shows have to happen but I understand that business is business and sometimes, set-backs do lead to something better.
    I have to say, (based on the current line up) that I’ll be watching 13 out of 23 shows (I only have a few hours in a day) which I think makes me a huge TWiT fan – hey, I even got invited at the 1st TWiT BBQ in Nov which was so cool!.  
    Anyway, I was really sad when some of the shows I watch got cancelled – Fourcast (Although, Tom gave the fans an explanation), Current Geek and Game On (I’m still hurting from this…).
    Now I find out that TWiT Photo and Dr. Kiki’s shows are gone too.  Sad Panda.
    I’m looking forward to watching Know How, TWiET and iFive as these shows gear towards my interests and hopefully, they’ll find the appropriate audience and the numbers would back the viablity of these shows.
    Perhaps as suggestion to promote the other shows just like what you did on TWiT yesterday.  Have some clips and previews to show during TWiT or have a Best of TWiT hour every week where a segment of each show can be showcased for those who may be interested but not commited enough to watch a full hour of shows.
    PS: Please please please do not cancel Frame Rate and the NSFW Show… I love those shows and the humor and topics they have always make me laugh and are a perfect buffer for my tech heavy listening list.
    Keep on keeping on Leo!
    Long live TWiT and here’s to more shows and fans!

  33. With FLOSS Weekly already having a rather narrowly focussed (but loyal) audience, I’m not sure the idea of a programming show that requires even more engagement would be wise.  Maybe I can look at adding a 5-miinute programming segment into the FLOSS show though.

  34. WDGW – taping on Tuesday & releasing on Sunday’s still? Back to predicting the future on these? 
    “Oh – it was a WONDERFUL 4th of July” when it was torrential rain for 8 hours in reality?

  35. Exciting changes coming. I have always thought though that TWIT should use it’s more popular shows to help promote the others. I would not mind at all a brief blip at the end of a show, or at beginning of a show that says what’s coming up on another TWIT program. I know that most people do not like ads, but this would I think help spread the word. Such as with “Game On” I turned some friends onto it, who loves it, but had no idea such a show existed prior to my telling them about it.

  36. Leo,
    Thanks for giving us a great line up. Chances are inevitable in life. Saying goodbye to friends who supported you through good times, as well as bad, is always the hardest thing to do.
    Nevertheless, TWiT will continue strong and grow stronger.
    May I suggest a “Tip Leo” drive to help re-energize things a bit is in order.
    Good luck with the re-structuring.

  37. Stay tuned! (we did our first at the end of last night’s TWiT!)

  38. We’ll release all the shows when they’re done. Not a moment sooner. 

  39. I take full responsibility for every failure. We definitely need to do a better job of promotion and that’s a very high priority going forward (as you’ll soon see). I’ve hired Glenn Rubenstein to take the lead. 
    Lisa is also taking sales in-house so we can do a better job selling the smaller shows. That will make a huge difference.
    And we’re focusing all our shows on our core audience and skills: tech news and how-to. That’s what we do best, and it’s pretty clear that’s what the audience wants most. 
    Thanks for listening…. and writing!

  40. It’s definitely on the list for the fall – but it’s a BIG challenge. What do you cover? Ruby, Python, C++, Java? How do you cover it? For the experienced professional, the aspiring amateur? I have to find a way to make it interesting for everyone. Got any suggestions?

  41. Agreed. I think it was also hurt by the fact you had to watch. We still do best with audio. 

  42. Frankly, it’s a lot easier just to shrug and walk away, but I think you and my hosts deserve better. 

  43. I think it’s best to aim at the enthusiast. The only interested will come along. 

  44. I’m gutted TWiT Photo has gone it was the biggest suprise in the list of cancellations I was just starting to get into it and Catherine pulled in great guests. It’s a shame Canon couldn’t sponsor you.  I’m into watching live more than downloading anyshow and the fact it wasn’t just tech shows meant watching live didn’t overdose on one thing. Shame about DrKiki I hope the changes work for you.
    To help with ad-revenue are the promo codes usable in Europe for the global comapies last time it tried they where not.
    You trully are a global TV network and your professional approach shines through.   
    I started watching your coverage during the Iphone4s release as you had the only working feed I haven’t looked back since.

  45. That is an interesting point regarding audio.  I wonder if you could create shorter formats for more visual dependant content.  That would be eaiser for viewers to take in and easier to produce.  But, it wouldn’t really fit the live model.  Are you currently only willing to produce live content?

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