Should TWiT blackout on Jan 18 to protest SOPA?

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109 Replies to “Should TWiT blackout on Jan 18 to protest SOPA?”

  1. Go dark! Wear black, make it a day of SOPA. list the congressman that need to be called that support it. Show all the major sites that are going dark. Cover the story that, none of the networks are covering. 

  2. My husband had an interesting idea.
    Why not go dark on Wed. Jan 18th in protest, but do specials during each of your shows on Thurs. Jan 19th explaining and talking about SOPA and why TWiT was dark on Wed.
    Also, you could do little blurbs at the end (and possibly start) of each show on Tues. Jan 17th (guess that’s today…–I’m a little late in getting this posted), saying “hey, we’re going dark tomorrow in protest of SOPA, we’ll be back on Thurs. to explain and talk about SOPA at length”
    …or something to that degree. (I should have had my husband explain, he’s much better with words than I am.)
    P.S. Talking about SOPA (i.e. educating the public) on Wed. really isn’t a bad idea either though.

  3. You should blackout the site save for that day’s broadcast (perhaps a black background with only the audioBoo player), which should be a discussion about the impact of SOPA and the reasons the tech community and the “content” community are up in arms about the legislation. 

  4. Indeed!  We should ALL turn off ALL communications!  TV’s, computers, cell phones and then keep lighting to a minimum, lock the doors, call in sick (Black out Flew sounds good) and take this opportunity to make a real statement.  It truely is a sad state of affairs when the majority of US doesn’t even seem to be aware of these issues.  Seriously, what has happened us?  I lived through the 60’s & 70’s and vividly recall how so many protested the Veitnam war.  We were going to be differant – “REMEMBER”?????  Come on people – there’s 700 people in control of our Government and in turn controlling almost 400 MILLION of us.  This would be fine if they were doing ANYTHING to help the majority instead of large corporations and the stinky rich.  We need an uprising.  I hope it’s non-violent but any we get it – WE NEDD AN UPRISING.  Let’s BLACK OUT!  At least it’s something,  At least it’s a start … 

  5. The people who are viewers of the TWIT Network are pretty aware of SOPA, thanks to your radio show and other efforts.  I think the black banner and limited programming directed against SOPA (and discussion of more reasonable alternatives) would be the best bet.  Thanks.

  6. I think some kind of visual theme threw out the site would be a nice symbolic rep of it as well as having your shows kinda rotate around the topic of SOPA and the other PoS that’s floating around. I was rather floored and outraged when DMCA got passed which stripped allot of consumer rights away dealing with the media that they purchase.
    I could really go on how i think this is really childish behavior from basically large corps with think they are some how losing money they never had to places like pirate bay. but from my experiences in life the people who use boot lag products would never ever purchase the actual product if the boot lag wasn’t out there on the Internet, which mean no lose of profit. and then you have the people who also use boot lags because they would found a corp which they have some kind of fundamental issue with. and the general unwillingness of large corps to change broken and largely out of date business models. … look at music, once they realized they couldn’t fight the trend of people downloading their music they actually finally changed their business model.
    sorry for the rant Leo 😛

  7. I think going dark would be less effective than using a visual reminder and talking about SOPA on the shows.  Blacken the logo or, as Jeff Rasmussen suggested, shoot in black and white.  Talking about the problem and raising awareness will do more than going dark…although, you could get a day off that way…just sayin’…

  8. I had mixed feelings about this. On one hand going black would have made it that much more public. On the other hand, watching the tweets that day, I saw it trending and people were learning about this and retweeting. There were some great lol moments seeing some people think it had to do with sopapias 🙂

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