No Digital Experience For You

I’ve done some digging and as far as I can tell here’s the full story. It isn’t necessarily the organizers’ fault. Here’s what happened. I’ll leave it to you to decide…

I rsvp’ed to the PR company that holds the event, Pepcom, independently of my team. Our camera crew and producers were already credentialed without problem.

Pepcom replied to my email saying that they had not reviewed my credentials since Dec 2009 (even though I’ve been to several of their events at CES and the NAB Show since then) and asked for “two recently published, bylined articles.” I missed their email (I miss a lot of email) – but my original email to them had a link to all my stuff ( and my phone number, and a simple Google would have told them anything they needed to know. Obviously I don’t have any bylined articles – I’m a broadcaster.

I’ve had previous run-ins (including a telephone shouting match) with John Pepper, the principal at Pepcom, about getting producers in, and as a result boycotted their events from 2005-2009. It feels like they jumped at the chance to keep me off the list – certainly they expended zero effort finding out who I am.

TWiT ended up with full coverage of their event anyway. I had planned to record some segments independently for my nationally-syndicated radio show with some of the attendees. It’s those attendees, each of whom paid a pretty price to be there, who are the losers, not me. Interestingly, Pepcom deleted complaints on Facebook about this, and even blocked the complainers. I was also told they deleted a Twitter account that was receiving a lot of complaints. They haven’t contacted me in any way since then.

As I said, I can’t really be sure who’s fault all this is, but it sure hurt my feelings. We’ll have to decide whether to cover Pepcom events at future shows.

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  1. So sorry this happened to you, Leo.  I’ll boycott them for life!  Who are they, again?  🙂

  2. We had a good run of posts on the facebook page about it earlier: Unfortunately, they decided to delete the posts and ban all the people who made them. If you’re interested, their twitter account is @pepcomevents, and you can find the email addresses of two of their reps in their tweets there to send (respectful and reasonably constructive) emails about how this was mishandled.

  3. Digital Idiots, IMHO.  
    The food was so-so and there were maybe two small handfulls of interesting products.  The highlight of the night for was running into a Toshiba PR rep I knew… my daughter’s kindergarden classmate from 21 years ago!!  She has grown into a beautiful young woman.  I am sure glad I recognized her before I asked her out for a drink.  That would have been awkward.

  4. How frustrating, Leo… Hope you and the others from TWiT are still having a great time otherwise.  Looking forward to all the TWiT coverage…

  5. I was really hoping to have some personal time with that Samsung 55″ OLED display, but I’ll go see it today on the show floor. 

  6. I think it didn’t fully upload until I signed onto the Wi-Fi at the hotel. It’s there now. I really like Audioboo. Much eaiser than shooting video – and kind of more personal in a weird way. 

  7. Wow, absolutely insane. They’re either very poorly-run, out of touch, or both. I’m betting it’s both.

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