6 Replies to “Setting up for CES”

  1. This will me quite an interesting year at CES. Not because of what we may or may not see. Not because of what Apple may or may not do back in Norhern CA. It will be interesting because right now CE retail is in major trouble. Bestbuy and Radioshack are in death spirals. Sony is talking about leaving TV production. The PC is in decline, and there’s no real majpr competition for the tablet market. Yet Amazon laid a massive bet on the table with the Fire. There seems to be no new “thing” which will draw in new buyers.I will also be in Vegas for CES… my 5th time.  Unlie Leo I am both a CE developer and a CE retailer. I will post my findings here.

  2. Oh… BTW…   The pic above. For those who may not know, this is not from Vegas at CES, this pic is from Petaluma. 

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