Radio Day

I am so grateful to Ray Novak of Icom for bringing us three incredible radios and configuring them for my first QSO.
And to Mike Dorrough, David Jennings, and Bill Smith for the amazing restored 1961 Collins transmitter and mixer. Bill spent all day moving it in and setting it up. Some day I hope to get on the air with it on 75 meters.

Pictures of the day are posted on Flickr. I’ll write more about the day later. I’m bushed!!

Radio corner at the TWiT Brick House

You can also watch on this week’s Hamnation episode #13 later today, I give a tour of the entire setup and make my first ham contact.

2 Replies to “Radio Day”

  1. I thought the 160m band was rarely used because it needed such a large antenna and was more code than SSB.

  2. Goodmorning Leo, I have a question, I recently got a new computer HP and I transfer all file using a transfer cable, one problem my music files were dupicate and when I try to delete one of the duplicate file the other single file won’t work. What happen and how do I straighten out the mess? 

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