Party At The Ham Shack

46CQ CQ CQ Calling all hams! We’re having an open house at our new TWiT Brick House Studios August 20 and 21 and you’re invited.
A special event station will be active on 40 and 20 meters afternoon and evenings commemorating the official opening of the new TWIT studios of Leo Laporte, W6TWT. Tours of the new studios and classic Collins AM broadcast station will be available 10AM – 10 PM Saturday and 10AM to 5p Sunday to all Amateur Radio operators. The TWIT Brick House studios are located at 140 Keller St. in Petaluma, CA.

The call sign to be used will be W6KB, the Redwood Empire DX Association whose members have been instrumental in the planning and installation of the antenna system during the final construction of the new broadcast studios, home of the HAMNation netcast which is produced each Tuesday night hosted by Bob Heil K9EID, Gordon West WB6NOA, and George Thomas W5JDX.

The radios will include the IC-9100, IC-7800, and IC-7200, all courtesy Icom America and mics from Heil Sound. We’ll broadcast a preview of the new gear tomorrow night at 6p Pacific/9p Eastern on HAM Nation.

QSL direct to W6TWT, P.O. Box 1018 in Petaluma, CA 94953 or

6 Replies to “Party At The Ham Shack”

  1. And a Great time was had by all. That’s a pretty fancy studio with 40 (?) interdependently switchable cameras.
    Not to mention a first rate Ham “Shack”. On the way out to the bus I saw the antenna poking out over the restaurant Hope you get the permits soon.
    Thanks for having such a fun opening.
    Norman K6NPB
    San Mateo

  2. Watched the live web cam, yesterday, had a good time seeing and hearing the new station, and when Leo got on D Star and made a few contacts. Heard you guys are having rf noise level issues especially on 20 meters.  Wanted to try to connect with you on 20 meters.  But could not do so because of the noise level at your end.  Also had an hf contest going on at my end. Hope to work Leo someday of the hf side.
    Dan, ka1bno, in Rhode Island

  3. Congrats on your new brick studio Leo….had a link sent to me about Randy  K7age’s trip to your open house….awesome to see you and Gordon West…  good luck on your new venture and hope to qso with you on the air….Ken in Rhode Island  N1CLG 

  4. Wow, sorry I missed it; As a long time TWIT fan and listener, I’d of made a special trip to Petaluma to check out the shack and especially the Collins rig. Maybe it would have inspired me to fire up my own station, which hasn’t been on the air for months!   

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