Starting today and every Tuesday from here on out, I’ll be joining Gordon West WB6NOA and Bob Heil K9EID on HAM Nation, TWiT’s show for amateur radio enthusiasts. We broadcast live at 6p Pacific/9p Eastern/0100 Tuesdays UTC on live.twit.tv but you can always download audio and video of the show any time after the show from the TWiT web site, iTunes, and wherever better podcasts are sold available.


5 Replies to “HAMnation”

  1. Congratulations, your program by TV, radio and podcast! hope you continue for many years
    this work a life of technology

  2. @leolaporte : New post on LOL: Ham Nation #hamr kk4ddm Looking forward to seeing all the gear.

  3. Leo congradulations on getting you ticket.  I have a question for you? Joe Walsh is on Ham Nations homepage how come you didn’t list his call which is WB6ACU.  Joe as usual did a great job with the theme music. Hope to have a QSO with you sometime in the future. 
    73’s de W7ITC

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