Do Not Like

Do Not LikeI said I never would do it, but there it is: a Facebook Like button (and a Send button, too) on each and every post here. I can’t help myself; those damn buttons drive too much traffic to ignore.
If it were a plant, scientists would call Facebook an invasive species, like kudzu. Kudzu is a Japanese vine that was introduced into the US 125 years ago. It’s taking over the Southeast US, spreading at the alarming rate of 150,000 acres a year. There’s nothing inherently wrong with kudzu. It’s just too damn successful.

There’s nothing wrong with Facebook. It’s just taking over the Internet. And that I do not like.

Oh, and by the way, please Like this post!

4 Replies to “Do Not Like”

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  2. I feel like FB is permeating much of society, kind of like the way Disco did previously, or any other fad. It’s in our TV commercials, in our families and extended families, and it’s in between us—sometimes connecting us, sometimes pushing us apart.
    I don’t think FB is greatly changing what happens between people (except when considering increasing occurances of things that used to happen much less), but it is changing how those interactions happen and coloring them with its tainted blue ‘friendliness.’

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