I Got My Binky Back!

I'm a happy Buzzer!It is fixed. Thanks so much to the Google Buzz team which tracked down a pretty nasty bug in Buzz that had made me invisible for 17 days (see my post from Sunday morning).
In their own words…

From: Google Buzz Team To: @Leo Laporte

Thanks for reporting this issue — and sorry we didn’t get to the bottom of it until today. You helped us uncover a very rare bug that has existed for a while, one that only someone with a ton of followers was likely to uncover.

Here’s what happened: If one of your followers deleted their Google Account (this probably happened around August 6th), Buzz failed to deliver your post to all of your followers. Your post still existed in your Buzz stream, it just wasn’t sent properly to the people who wanted to see it.

We’re in the process of fixing this bug now, and it should be resolved in the next day or two. We’re really sorry that you had this experience and really thankful that you reported it to us so we could fix it.

I’m happy to say the bug is fixed, I’m back on Buzz, and the lesson is learned. I’ll start content here on my blog, but push links to it to Buzz, Twitter, and Friendfeed. Any comments you post on those fora will be automagically piped back into my comments here (thanks to JS-Kit Echo). Best of both worlds.

And thanks to everyone on Buzz and at Google who put up with my tantrum!