7 Replies to “After the studio upgrade”

  1. As always, lookin good! 😉  Keep up the good work – wouldn’t miss a moment of it! 🙂

  2. ipad show i made a bizarro tablet world animation
    leo, i know its weird but maybe youll like it, thanks for all u do have done and continue to do

  3. LeoEver thought about a education tech show? This week in Ed tech, maybe get Will Richardson or Karl Fisch to host?  There is a real need for a good podcast about education and technology.

  4. Leo,Can u please give me the name of the hearing device?

  5. Leo
    I have loved TWIT programs for a couple of years and even contribute on a small scale each month. Lately I have noticed a change for the worse. MBW has turned into anything but a discussion on Apple. I am happy to hear you promote Android on TWIG but why do we have it on MBW as well. To my ear, there are signs of tensions between you and Andy and even the ever compliant Alex. At times you seem bored by your own program. You probably need a holiday but not that one around the Horn which sounds like anything but relaxation

  6. This is a wonderful idea. I’m an elementary school Principal/MacGeek-would love to see an Ed Tech Podcast. There would be no shortage of people wanting to host and be part of it. Will you think of it Leo?

  7. I listen to MBW nearly every week and have noticed (and you have all admitted) that the show has become less Mac and more iPhone/iPad. If the purpose of your show primarily journalistic, how can you not concentrate on the portable devices when Apple is doing very little with OS X. I’m OK with talk on Android when it is direct competition with iPhone-not to mention that since AT&T is so poor up here in NH, I have a Droid phone myself. I appreciate the fact that Leo is not a Mac FanBoy. There is balance on the show with Alex clearly being the most religiously devoted.

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