9 Replies to “Welcome to the TWiT Cottage”

  1. Great sign leo for TWiT Cottage. Now you need a longer sign to list all of your 20+ netcasts.

  2. O_o Why is the Windows Weekly sign above the Macbreak Weekly and This Week in Google? 

  3. Bluetooth earpieces are making me CRAZY… very short trip.. I must admit.  I can’t get any of them to consistently connect to my Palm Treo 700w.

  4. Hey Leo, how about a “THIS WEEK IN PRIVACY” podcast?

  5. Hey Leo, I really like the new guy on late night Erik. However, I have one comment…you need to coach him on the use of uah, ah, ah, etc. As you know it is a common problem with those new to live broadcasting either radio or TV. Take a listen to one of his shows. I really like how he handles the call ins but the constant and overbearing ah’s and uh’s becomes irritating. Good Luck and I am anxious to see Erik smooth out his on air persona. He is a bright young man.Regards, Darrell

  6. When is a good time to visit Leo at the Twit Cottage ?…..I’m on vacation in Ca

  7. Do you Think You Should put this week in tech on the top of the sign 

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