9 Replies to “Welcome to the TWiT Cottage”

  1. Great sign leo for TWiT Cottage. Now you need a longer sign to list all of your 20+ netcasts.

  2. O_o Why is the Windows Weekly sign above the Macbreak Weekly and This Week in Google? 

  3. Bluetooth earpieces are making me CRAZY… very short trip.. I must admit.  I can’t get any of them to consistently connect to my Palm Treo 700w.

  4. Hey Leo, I really like the new guy on late night Erik. However, I have one comment…you need to coach him on the use of uah, ah, ah, etc. As you know it is a common problem with those new to live broadcasting either radio or TV. Take a listen to one of his shows. I really like how he handles the call ins but the constant and overbearing ah’s and uh’s becomes irritating. Good Luck and I am anxious to see Erik smooth out his on air persona. He is a bright young man.Regards, Darrell

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