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  1. I’ve got a 2005 GT convertible and it is a beast! Congrats on the STANG! Enjoy the accelaration and the 4 horses of the apocolypse engine noise..

  2. I love Ford cars and trucks. I have a 1997 Ranger and have over 100k miles on it. Next car, though, is probably gonna be a hatch, like the Fiesta or the SX4 Crossover or Sportback.
    So, when are you gonna put a set of Foose wheels on your car, Leo?

  3. That’s a good mature red. Not too flashy. Ford Motor Company has really stepped up their game bringing products that consumers are excited about and with increased quality. Ford MoCo is the number one American Automobile Company. I’m glad your pleased with it Leo. Love that exhuast note.

  4. I grew up in a GM family, and have never cared for Ford.  But I’m also a geek, and have been wanting all the iPod/bluetooth/GPS goodness in my dashboard, and GM’s offerings don’t really cut it.  Sounds like Ford is finally showing everyone how it’s done.  And they finally designed some decent looking rides too.  😎

  5. V8?  You talked a big environmental game, so this one really caught me off guard.

  6. Leo you are so going to get a ticket with that car.  Thought of you tonight as I was watching “Fringe”  They made sure to show the characters driving a Ford and using SYNC.
    Enjoy the car but keep a supply of donuts in the car at all times!

  7. Nothing like a nice sync included candyapple red (dupont paint?) flying rocket on four very nice tires.Congrats Leo

  8. Beautiful car Leo.. I am jealous..  You need to tint the windows .. go undercover nobody knows who is behind the wheel haha

  9. Leo when you drive the car make sure you wear a cool leather jacket! Great wheels man!

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