Battle The TWiT Army

generaltwit.pngThe TWiT Army has finally found a battle it might be able to win. The .comwars Tech Community Outdoor Laser Tag and Picnic this Labor Day, September 7, at Junipero Serra Park in San Bruno.
We’re fielding a team commanded by General Colleen Kelly with buck privates Tony Wang, Erik Lanigan, Lisa Kentzell, Mike Kentzell, Abby Laporte, and me. (We can have up to 10 players so I’m going to recruit a few more TWiTs – preferably someone who can run through the woods without stumbling on a log or crying for his mommy.)

makeloveandwar-combat1.jpgYou can come and watch for $15 which includes a catered picnic lunch, or field a team for $52/player which includes rental of state-of-the-art radio-based Battlefieldsports outdoor lasertag equipment rented from specopsliveplay. We’re looking for a few teams we can beat play – I’m talking to you Google and Apple! Sign up at

Thanks to Ziggy and Funcrunch for putting this cool event together!

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  1. this may not be the time or place. but SAVE READING RAINBOW. What better task for the twit Army

  2. I’m checking out the Echo comments feature on Twit. Worth using for our classroom?

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