6 Replies to “Vacation after my Vacation”

  1. I just heard on the “Security Now” podcast about your jet lag issue –a few months back on one of the science podcasts I listen to (“NPR Science Friday”, I think) they said one way to reset your biological clock is to not eat in the evening, fast about 18 hours or so until you get up in the morning, then eat a hearty breakfast at your “new” breakfast time.

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  3. Hi Leo, I love the Security Now show, and then I found The Tech Guy, and is good too.There is a free version of the WriteRoom text soft. It's called DarkRoom.I love it. Is awesome.Is there.http://they.misled.us/dark-roomThat lady who called could get it from there.Greetings from Argentina.

  4. Leo-You deserve some time off. You do a great program and provide very useful insights into myriad tech issues.The only suggestion I have, is to ditch that twangy guitar bumper. It just doesn't sound like a “tech show” lead-in. More like a sound track left over from a 1970s spaghetti Western.

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