10 Replies to “Guilin, China sunrise”

  1. HI Leo GReat Shot, are you postg stuff on fliker? bye the bye what photo gear did you take along?(ref from last show)zermac

  2. Leo, nice pic of Guilin. Make sure that you & Henry get time to rent electric scooters to do some site-seeing while in Guilin. Enjoy the food & shops there in Guilin. You can get some good deals on clothing, shirts & stuff. Keep the pics coming and enjoy your trip to China.

  3. So jealous, this is one place I've always wanted to visit.You will put all the full res photos on Flickr at some point?Have fun! ^_^

  4. This was on the iPhone? OK, I've gotta upgrade to the “S” now.Thanks for taking us all along on your trip Leo

  5. You can do panaromas like this on the regular 3G phone using an iPhone app called “AutoStitch.” They mentioned it on MBW last week. Of course, the 3GS camera is better.

  6. Great picture Leo! Thanks for the shot in China and for taking us all along!JJ – Jersey's Classic Rock

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