Roz Is OFF!

roz.gifExactly one year after leaving San Francisco for Hawaii, Roz Savage is off on the second leg of her attempt to become the first woman to row solo across the Pacific. She’s already rowed the Atlantic and we covered leg one last summer on the TWiT network. Now she’s at sea again, rowing leg two from Hawaii to the South Pacific.
Here’s video of her departure thanks to Hawaiian web geek (and FriendFeeder) Ryan:

There’s a Ustream stream right now:

We’ll be talking with her live via satellite phone every Thursday at 4:30p Eastern/1:30p Pacific/1830 UTC on TWiT Live or subscribe to the podcast from the TWiT website.

You can also listen on Roz’s site, follow her on Twitter, or via the Roz tracker:

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  2. Aloha e Leo! Thanks for the embed! We were livestreaming her launch on both Qik (there are two other clips) and Ustream. You might also be interested in this edited video:

    If you can use any of the clips, feel free to download the same video here:

  3. I have been keeping in touch with Roz as well. Her determination is amazing. Maybe I am just a wimp, But to head out across the Ocean in just a 24 foot boat solo is amazing. She is determined. More people has went into outerspace than have rowed across the pacific. Roz can bring more awareness about plastic in the ocean and climate change. She is very inspiring.

  4. Rowing solo across the Pacific is going to challenge every aspect of Roz. Good luck Roz!

  5. Really pleased that you are covering Roz Savage and her row from Hawaii to, possibly, Tuvalu. I thought the coverage of her San Francisco to Maui leg resulted in an outstanding series of podcasts. They should get some sort of award for best broadcast series. I am sure the programming on this leg will be outstanding too. Keep up the good work.

  6. I am so jealous of Roz. I wish I had more time to listen to audiobooks. My commute, if you can all it that is only 15 minutes and I never get to listen to as many audiobooks/podcasts as my heart desires.Speaking of desires, what ever happened the the Ultimate Gaming Computer Giveaway, that is one of the other desires I have. Has it been given away already, without any fanfare? What is the status of the UGM Leo?

  7. This photo stitch for iPhone is amazing. great shot, Leo.Have a great trip Leo… we'll watch your blog 😉

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