TWiT Live Desktop 2.0

The great Peter Elst has done it again.

The TWiT Live Desktop 2.0 is out. It’s written in Adobe AIR so it will work on Windows or OS X…

[airbadge]TwitLive,, 2.0, null[/airbadge]

If you don’t have AIR already installed the installer will download and install it first, then install the app.

A couple of things you need to know about using it. Double-click on the video to go full-screen. Right-click (or control-click) on the window to get the pop-up menu. From there you can open the Interactive window which has links to chat, the Army, the calendar, and more.

A really nice, minimum screen real estate, maximum functionality app from Peter. Thanks!!!!

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  1. nice app. i like how it scales in size. however, it would be nice if there was an 'always on top' option for us multitaskers who like watching at the same time w/o having to toggle back to the screen.

  2. Adobe Air app… works on Linux as well!… sheesh :pneat app, by the way…

  3. I have to agree with what has already been said by some other people. The aspect ratio needs to be right (16:9) or there has to be a setting to choose between “proper” and “ugly squeezed”. And a volume control would be nice (why not just include the entire BitGravity player interface?).Other than that it's a nice upgrade, looking forward to a 2.5 that hopefully fixes some of these issues 🙂

  4. Adobe Air? No thanks.I thought I'd check out Adobe Air for Linux. Below the Download button it says:”By clicking the Download Now button, you agree to the Software License Agreement”But it's not open source, so I at least checked out the EULA. It's a 2.3 MB pdf download, over 200 pages long, and you have to scroll to page 205 before you get to the English part.

  5. I think it's great, but I really liked the way the 1.0 version showed the video in its original 16X9 ratio. The video in 2.0 is now squished to fit in a 4X3 window, at least for me. Doesn't that bother anyone else?

  6. it's probably just me, but when setting time zone to NewYork – the production schedule is 4? hours ahead.(I'm located in the Newyork time zone) though when setting to LA or Chicago it shows correct.

  7. Here's another TWiT air app with bitgravity in the proper aspect and mibbit below it for chat, looks ok on my mac haven't tried it on windows yet. pretty minimal as well,, doesn't have other sites embedded in it or anything like TWiT Live Desktop 2.0 has.

  8. Yea can't really say I like it. I liked 1.5 better because it was all in one window. I liked having Stickam there.

  9. Bit Gravity is putting out bad audio – Ustream has better sound. Please switch the Twit Desktop back to Ustream, pleasethanksMark

  10. There is newer version 2.2 @

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