9 Replies to “California Poppies”

  1. What is across the walk from them? It looks like carpet.

  2. Leo, I've benefited from all your podcasts for years, since you started. I wouldn't miss them. I observe, tho, that you are in danger of losing audience and respect because of over-exposure. Your guests are vital, the subjects covered are indispensable, but we're getting too much of you. You're a great guy, a great broadcaster, but you simply talk too much on all your shows. You'd do well by cutting back in half or to a fourth of the air time on each show that is your voice. For the benefit of all, most of all, yourself, please sit back, let the guests have their say. Be a gracious host, not a dominating personality. I say this with all respect and appreciation.

  3. Wow Leo, Nice find. It's amazing what spring can bring you. Unfortunately I still have a whole load of snow that will probably take another two months to melt. Going to be a while until I see anything even close to that.

  4. You should have reread, revisited, revised, re-everything possible before you published that.

  5. Sadly, here in Indianapolis, you never know what kind of weather you're going to get. the past two weeks have given us some beautiful weather in the 50's so, of course, all the flowers and plants started to bloom. In true Midwest fashion, Monday's weather forecast is calling for low 30's during the day and low 20's at night. I'm sure we'll lose some of those blooming flowers. 🙁

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