Austin Alarums

Up inadvertantly early. Henry’s alarm went off at 6:38a. Which is weird because I’m sure it never goes off at all on school days.

Once again I’m not at South by Southwest. Every year I jealously read all the posts from Austin and wish I could be there. Seems like everyone I know, or would like to know, is there this week. But it’s just too complicated to move the radio show and TWiT Live. I’d have to arrange studio time at an Austin radio station for The Tech Guy or set up a broadcast studio at SXSW.

We came very close to doing that last year but the logistics proved unmanageable and I had to cancel. Jason Calacanis’s crazy idea of a rock and roll bus trip to Austin this year never materialized either. But it’s good to know we can get a bus that sleeps 12 for around $1000/day. Maybe next year.

We have friends whose movie, My Suicide, is making its US Premiere today at SXSW. It won a Crystal Bear at the Berlin Film Festival. The lead, Gabe Sunday, is a recent graduate of Petaluma High School (we’re launching a new podcast with his dad, Michael Sunday, about the new way of work soon). Another friend, Eric Adams, wrote the screenplay. See it if you can.

Reading about all the trouble people are having with their iPhones down there makes me feel a little morose delectation, though. (Note to self: bring the G1 next year – or maybe the Palm Pre?)

Visit the TWiT Army – no #sxsw hash tags there. I’m going back to bed.

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  1. Wow, has it been a year since I commented here? Well, anyway, you can usually get the US of Tara on Showtime's website, through on-demand, or on one of the TV on the Net sites. But I cannot remember which one.

  2. I'd love to see a tWit live from a rock star bus! I think it would be hilarious! I have also wanted to go to #SXSW but haven't been able to make it. You need to be there next year Leo, mark it on your calendar now!

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