Meanderings of a Weak Mind

  • Happy Pi Day: 3/14. I remember Pi to 10 digits using the following mnemonic: How I want a drink, alcoholic of course, after the heavy chapters on quantum mechanics. Counting the number of characters in each word you get 3.14159265358279. I think I learned that from one of George Gamow‘s books. I read them when I was in high school. They were wonderful introductions to physics.
  • Quiet evening at home. Henry’s at a friend’s house for the night. Jennifer and I are watching Emma On Demand. It’s from 1996 – Gywneth Paltrow looks so young. Just 24 by my calculations. Toni Collette is also in it and looks awfully young, too. Jennifer recognized her – I didn’t – but it reminded me that I’ve been meaning to watch The United States of Tara (written by Diablo Cody of Juno fame and my favorite celebrity twitter). It’s not on iTunes, though. Guess I’ll have to get it elsewhere.

Emma quote: “Vanity working on a weak mind produces every kind of mischief.” Werd.

  • Hit 100,000 followers on Twitter today. Once a significant number but meaningless since the Great Twitter Inflation of Feb ’09. 100,000 is only enough to get to #83 according to Twittercounter. I mentioned this benchmark yesterday and got some heat on Friendfeed. Apparently it’s gauche to focus on follower numbers, like talking about how much money one makes. I’ll shut up now although I can’t help noticing that Twitter cleverly encouraged this race for followers by putting the Follower number front and center on the Twitter web page. I never mention my FriendFeed follower number (18,892 but not visible to anyone else) even though FFHolic says I’m number two just under Scoble. There. I’ve done it again.
  • I left my iPhone somewhere at work. I can’t find it anywhere. So I switched my forwarding number on Google Voice to the G1. Google Voice FTW! The G1 is not my favorite phone, but I’ve at least solved the battery issue by turning off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Now it lasts about eight hours.
  • I need the phone by my side because I agreed today to photograph everything I eat by way of a food log. It was my new trainer’s suggestion. I’m looking for an online food log. I’m already a member at Gyminee so I guess I’ll give it a try. I think I signed up there when we had them on the TV show in Vancouver. It Twitters every time I make a weight goal. That’s gonna lose me some followers.

Emma seems to have found true love, so I guess it’s time for bed. Tomorrow, The Tech Guy and TWiT with Dvorak, Bwana, Alex Lindsay, gdgt’s Peter Rojas, and David Prager to tell the story of how he vanquished his late night intruder. Night, all.

6 Replies to “Meanderings of a Weak Mind”

  1. Now all you need is an app on the G1 to scan the barcode of everything you eat and automatically populate your food diary …

  2. Thanks for this post, Leo, it's fun for us to hear what you are up to in your down time. It's almost like a web log of your day. Wait, weblog… that could catch on!

  3. Sorry to rain on your Pi Leo, but your mnemonic needs a little work. Try again. 🙂 Your segment should end with “…8979” and yeah that's from memory too, had it to 50 digits at one point but it's down to 20 or so now.

  4. How I want a drink, alcoholic of course, after the heavy lectures involving quantum mechanics.

  5. The trouble with Google Voice, which sounds great otherwise, is is gives you yet another phone number. Like a lot of us, I suspect, I already have several numbers – cell, home office. I don't want to further muddy the waters with yet another phone number (though I probably will). What would be really cool is if Google Voice took over an existing phone number and was able to take that one over for its functions. That would be a no-brainer; adding another phone number is something I have to think about.

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