Google Hates Us All

I guess I know what the topic will be on the radio show today.

UPDATE: Google’s response is here. Seems that someone left a slash ‘/’ on a line by itself in the list of spyware sites – which means all sites were flagged.The problem occurred from 6:30 to 7:25 Pacific Saturday morning.

This is an incredibly stupid error and shows how vulnerable the net is. Also, where do I turn off phishing filtering in my Google results?

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  1. I was looking up macros for WoW and thought it was a legitimate warning, then I noticed my own site had the warning and finally noticed that all search results had it.

  2. Didn't last long but was definitely impressive. I enjoyed checking out Cali Lewis' live “Breaking News” cast on UStream and followig Leo's tweats. I especially enjoyed Leo's comment: Carol Bratz was behind this.;-)

  3. people, check this too plz. Normally is alive – it detects if there is malware. After the /-debacle I tried to type in some sites I remembered that were blocked by Google, like astalavista. But none of them where blocked now. So I took some URL's from (this is how Google decides which URL to block). Guess what, they aren't blocked. Theory: GOogle fixed the problem, but gave us a new one? Plz try to find a site that is categorized as harmful by Google and post it here.. If you can't find one, post it too 🙂

  4. I bet the person who made the typo feels like a real idiot. Possibly unemployed now. I do wonder how something like this could happen.

  5. I thought they were up to their April Fools antics early this year when this happened.

  6. I was doing a image search and when I clicked on the image that message came up.Awwwful.ger

  7. Just wanted to tell you that I listen via itunes from Turin, Italy every day……we are huge fans – including hubby who is learning english and loves to hear you speak!

  8. hmmm don't know if i just posted or not….anyway, wanted to tell you that we listen via itunes from Italy every day – hubby is learning english and loves to hear you speak…! I already speak english (;-) and am learning lots about technoiserie!! Bravo!

  9. i remember hearing how a typo as microsoft nearly brought down the net because someone set the TTL to low

  10. Honestly, I think that Google really needs to invest in several test servers to test new script before they push it to everyone and everything.

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