25 With A Bullet

Everyone knows these lists are silly, but I do want to thank Forbes for putting me back on the list of Top 25 Web Celebs. I was #17 in 2007, dropped off in 2008, and made it by the skin of my teeth this time. Who knows why. Probably because they know I’ll link to them here.

webcelebCongratulations to my fellow TWiTs who also made the list, Kevin Rose, Jason Calacanis, and John C. Dvorak. I think we’ll do a TWiT this week featuring just people on the list. (Eight out of the 25 have appeared on TWiT shows at one time or another.) Champagne and caviar are on me.

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  1. I am sort of perturbed with this list. For one thing, Leo sort of nurtured Kevin Rose to stardom. Leo, is a classy broadcaster, not just podcaster. He respects his audience and understands that content is most important, not expensive sets(i.e. techtv, Rev3). Maybe my outrage is due to my heavy bias; twit in my mind is what will survive in years down the road, not just some dumb meme like tech crunch, or diggnation. Then again, who know if Forbes will make it another half a decade.

  2. Congrats Leo, well deserved, but werid that you dropped off in 2008, I would have said you where very big in 2008.I don't want to be a pain (you checked for me before), maybe its a bug but your RSS feed is still not FULL text just “Summary” as WordPress calls it. Werid…I'll live, but just wanted you to know. Maybe its a plugin overriding WordPress setting?

  3. I'd have to think long and hard to remember when I first came across your online existence. I think it was from a comment on someone else's torrential flow of tweets I was following (dumped since). I've become a regular viewer of your shows on Twit since then. Keep it up mister and congrats for a job well done.

  4. I cant recall the exact moment I 'discovered Leo' but It was about 4 years ago, and I can only presume I was looking for Tech Podcasts in iTunes and twit came up. I remember it being a show with lots of people from (another show unknown to me ) the screen savers. That got me interested in the whole community, which got me interested in digg, rev3, martin Sergeant, dl.tv (when Patrick Norton was on). It also introduced other Tech luminaries, Dvorak.org/blog (naturally) and the cranky geeks, Molly Wood and Tom Merritt (which started my rss subscription to zd- and c-net). So in many ways the twit podcast has opened up a whole world of great web content from a wide variety of tech insiders. So cheers and congratulations Leo, I look forward to what you do next. p.s. Futures in Biotech is a fantastic show – its like TED for TWIT.

  5. Congratulations on your return to the list though you should be much higher up. I have listened to every TWiT episode since episode 0 and the TWiT network is and has been for many years my number one resource for tech programming. Keep up the good work Leo.

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