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connected-3.png I’ve turned on Facebook Connect (yes it only took a week after Amber told me about it) with the Disqus commenting system we use here. Now you can post a comment on the blog using your Facebook account for credentials. Despite all the attention Twitter gets in our neck of the digital woods, it seems to me that Facebook is building overwhelming momentum in the social media space. With 150 million plus users the network effect is really starting to kick in.
The success of Facebook also puts the lie to the widely accepted truism that Twitter competitor, FriendFeed, isn’t growing because it’s hard to use. I’d argue that Facebook is just as overwhelming to the new user but it rewards his or her initial struggle immediately and palpably due to the size of its network. Twitter succeeds for the same reason. It’s not simplicity, it’s simply the number of people who use the service.


Give our new Facebook Connect-powered commenting system a try and let me know what you think.

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  1. Great post! I've bookmarked your blog. Hope we can swap links. Why can't I open your rss feed? No post is showing.Best Regards!Ginj

  2. As a contractor, I use story points for determining durations of projects. IE, I know I can burn 38-45 points a week (my velocity). I find it's the most accurate way to put together a scope of work. Where it proves most effective, though, is in re-prioritizing and evaluating the impact of changes with the client. My clients and I find it really helpful when we're shifting stories around hrsaccount based on their point cost when new ideas come into play.

  3. Hey Leo-
    Since I recalled seeing you last year at the Jonathan Coultan concert, I thought I’d tell you about the tickets I have (for the wrong night) that I need to sell.
    I have 6 tickets for the Saturday night performance. I would take face value price ($150) for these just to be able to recover part of my costs.
    The problem is I bought these Saturday tickets without knowing Liz had arranged for us to go to see Yo-Yo Ma that Saturday.
    Hello to you and the family, maybe see you soon.

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