21 Replies to “Egypt Video”

  1. looks like an amazing trip. How were the pyramids? Did you get to walk in them? What was your favorite food and drink on the trip?

  2. Pictures looked great! Seemed like you had a fun time.On another note, I see you used Animoto for the video. I haven't taken a look at their service in a few months but they really do great stuff.

  3. hey really cool enjoyed it alot it must have been a great trip your work shows your love

  4. Have arround 7 videos with them, and I can say they are just GREAT !!on : hope you had a great trip.

  5. Excellent photos. I was a pity that in Egypt very much for a long time, but impressions remained on all life – drivings on camels, diving, hookahs…

  6. Ok, there was a song you had on the video earlier, and I had really liked that song. But now, for the life of me, I cannot recall what that song was titled. Or whom the band name was. It's driving absolutely crazy trying to remember. Does anyone remember it, or better yet, have a link to some website of theirs?

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