Qik and Quicker

Qik just sent me a beta release of their new iPhone app. You can use it to stream live video from the iPhone. It’s viewable at Qik.com and is stored there as well. This does not require jailbreaking – this is an official app that will be available in the iTunes App store soon.
Considering there’s no video recording on the iPhone, this is pretty amazing. Here’s my first attempt. One thing I’ve learned: hold the phone still!


I’m looking forward to using this to stream video when I’m out and about. You can follow twitlive on Twitter for notices when I stream live from the phone.

9 Replies to “Qik and Quicker”

  1. This is awesome! I wonder how the live stream will look if you aren't on a 3G network (i.e. Edge)? I would love to use this with the tv reporters at my station when we have breaking news!

  2. This looks really good, but wouldn't eat up an immense amount of bandwidth? It still looks really interesting. Now all we need is for the video/mobile internet quality on your cellphone networks to improve more so we can make this an every day tool.

  3. Erm, Leo's twitter message of the day was reposted in his RSS feeds about 200 times!

  4. Are those books on the shelves?? ya know, you could clear up a lot of space if you used Audible =P''. Awesome App. Can't wait, shame might prevent Apple from releasing it.

  5. Super excited about Qik on the iPhone. At the very least it is a way to record video with the iPhone without having to record it directly to the phone, it gets rid of the problem of trying to figure out how to get the recorded videos off the darn thing. I can't wait for it to be released but I'm going to assume that Apple probably won't let it in the App Store without limitations on data usage, which means it will most likely only work over Wifi.

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