Election 2008 On TWiT Live

We’ll be streaming live election coverage beginning right after net@night tonight at 7p Eastern/4p Pacific/2400 UTC on TWiT Live.
Our joint coverage with social|median will feature founder and former White House staffer, Jason Goldberg. Our special focus: tech and the election.

Scheduled guests include Jim Brady, Managing Editor, WashingtonPost.com, Brian Reich, Author: MediaRules, Terri MacMillan, Modern Media Japan.com, with an overseas perspective, Alan Silberberg, CEO, You2Gov, Julius Genachowski live from the Obama party in Chicago.

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5 Replies to “Election 2008 On TWiT Live”

  1. Hey Leo,I'd be more than happy to give you an update from Madison, WI if you need it! (I'm trying to convince my watch party that we need to forgo CNN and watch TWiT!)

  2. Leo i must say that you guys did an excellent job with the show on Tuesday. It was really nice to really show how much technology has influenced politics in our day and age. Look at Barack Obama, he's all over the internet now, even after the campaign finished. Once again great job on the show.

  3. Leo – love the show. BTW, what value did sara lane add on the last twit? Zero…Really want to see more women on the show, but could we at least get some that add some substance?

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