Here’s a weird kind of fame. Brady Redfearn sent me this reCAPTCHA he got recently when logging into his Live Journal page.

Picasa Web Albums - Brady - ReCaptcha.png

I use reCAPTCHA myself on the Contact me page. It’s a cool project from CMU that uses user-power to type in unrecognizable words from scanned texts while discouraging robots and spammers.

I think I remember a Laporte in Alexandre Dumas’s The Three Musketeers. Maybe they’re scanning that?

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  1. As the discoverer of this interesting thing, I have since found several Laporte's in older works, but like has been mentioned, its also very possible that it was added as a dictionary word into their database by a grateful fan. Either way, I've found myself almost doing Leo's family tree out of curiosity!

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