7 Replies to “Wassup 2008”

  1. This user-generated content that folks make for Obama is brilliant; however, when it comes to presidency, I would much rather have a technology illiterate old man(John McCain), than a foreign,economic novice who has NEVER held one minute of executive power.

  2. Yes, Obama has too much Obama on the web. His little face is everywhere. It's driving me coo coo brains. I'll be so glad when this election will be over. BTW, I like McCain/Palin.

  3. This is the most hilarious thing I ever saw. The sad part is, its so true. I'm a proud Obama supporter because I want something better for my kids than this mess we are in now. Obama gives me hope that tomorrow will be better than today.Oh, and by the way, what executive power has McCain held? He's in the Senate right beside Obama. So the executive power nonsense is just that — nonsense.

  4. Yeah, the world is broken and Obama's gonna fix it. I see a *lot* of disappointment coming. The expectations for this guy are just so astonishingly high, there's nowhere to go but down. A lot of my liberal friends are atheists, but it's amazing how much apparently blind faith they have in Obama. (“Blind” because there's not much more than well-delivered speeches and “hope” to base it on. He certainly doesn't have a proven track record of turning tax dollars into miracles.) I just don't get it.

  5. WTF do people think the PRESIDENT changes things? He facilitates, administrates and acclimates changes but IT IS THE PEOPLE who will have to CHANGE if we want the CHANGES. The people squawking about Obama not being worthy of leading need to take a GOOD LONG LOOK at how OUR INACTION has brought this country to this sad state. CHANGE starts WITHIN and if YOU REFUSE to change the way you THING, FEEL and LIVE YOUR LIFE to reflect the POSITIVE OUTCOME YOU DESIRE Obama is NOT your problem-YOU ARE YOUR OWN WORST ENEMY. If nothing changes…nothing changes. We've endured a retarded President for 8 years, Obama is damn-near a GENIUS by comparison. It's time to let our morals, values and intellect lead the way or we're headed for a real-life version of IDIOCRACY. Get it together people- nay sayers are non-doers.

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