Liana Is In Trouble

ll_starrynight_300sq.pngLiana Lehua, a podcaster and friend who has appeared on many of our shows, fell seriously ill several weeks ago and her studio in San Francisco is about to be closed because of it.
This is the first I’ve heard of it and I’m shocked and saddened. I’m not sure what we can do right now, but I’ll let you know if I learn anything. Meanwhile, I’m sending good thoughts her way.

UPDATE: While I think the attempt to buy the Podango studios is probably a worthwhile effort, it’s important to decouple it from Liana’s condition. They’re two entirely separate issues. I’m focusing my attention on her right now. If a fund to help Liana becomes necessary, I’ll be the first to donate and encourage you to do so, too. I know she is guaranteed employment regardless of what happens to the former Podango studio.

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  1. According to their website, Scott Bourne is President of Podango Productions. Shouldn't he be involved with salvaging this situation?

  2. Isn't she one of Scott Bourne's friends and protégés? I would think he'd be right on top of this… In any case, sending her good thoughts from here as well. Here's to hoping they're able to turn it around and that she gets well soon.

  3. Thank you, Leo! Liana needs all the positive thoughts and happiness we can send her way so she can recover as quickly as possible!

  4. Scott left Podango Productions to be on the board of directors at Photrade. The website hasn't been updated to reflect that.

  5. Leo. Thank you very much for posting about this. My thoughts and prayers go out to Liana and her family. I also thanks Scott Bourne for being there for her and being a great friend.My efforts to save the studio space were noble but I saw the focus shifting and confusion regarding what the money was for was growing. I decided to return the money, end the stream and work on supporting Liana and her recovery.Leo, the momentum you provided was priceless and I owe you my gratitude. Maybe when Liana is better, if she still wants to start a new studio, we can do that. For now, we need to focus on Liana even though her wishes of keeping the studio alive are being liquidated piece by piece.

  6. I sincerely hope Liana gets well soon! It does seem a little odd that everyone is just finding out about it, but Not sure if it would had made any difference other than everyone giving their best wishes sooner! Thank You Leo for alerting everyone to this, and please keep us up to date! Liana seems like a very nice person with a nice personality!

  7. I noticed right after I posted the other day that Scott's also been posting about it, so he's on top of things. We're all hoping for the absolute best in this and that Liana will be up and healthy again soon. She so talented finding work won't be an issue, studio or not.

  8. What a terrifying situation for Liana! To anyone who is in touch with/visiting her, please, please add my voice to the chorus of those who include her our thoughts and wishes for a complete and quick recovery!

  9. As Liana speeds to recovery please remember to consider getting a pneumococcal (bacterial) pneumonia vaccine at the same time as your flu shot this year. As Scott Bourne pointed out on MBW, the Flu and Bacterial Pneumonia are the eighth leading combined causes of death in the US.Check with your health care provider or walk-in clinic where both vaccines should run about $50 total, can be given together, usually on the spot with no appointment needed.

  10. There need's to be an investigation into this situation. Liana's health is concern #1 & I understand she's doing better now but I think Mr. Adam Jackson was trying to pull some kind of scam, and while I'm not suggesting anything, after reading some of her newer tweets, I hope dearly that Liana isn't involved.

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