Updated TWiT LIve Vista Gadget

p-68M01VL00.jpgJustin Belec has sent me an updated TWiT Live sidebar gadget for Vista users. It now includes the audio stream as well as the TWiT Live video stream and calendar. Perfect for listening or watching while you work (or play). Download the updated version here:
TWiT Live Gadget

Thanks, Justin!

11 Replies to “Updated TWiT LIve Vista Gadget”

  1. Hi,I tried to download twit.gadget and it downloads as twit.ziphow do I download it has twit.gadgetThanksRobert

  2. I found out my problem, I am using IE 7 and it was saving it as a Zip file, I tried Opera and Firefoxand they all worked ok they both saved file as twit.gadget.

  3. Yupp, doesn't work on my Vista 64 system either. The calendar button at the bottom works but the window above it just shows a big white square with a little square with a red x in the top left. Oh well.

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