The Armenian Domain Registry has come through.
You can now start using for the live audio stream. The following URL works in WinAmp, VLC, MPlayer, xine, xmms, iTunes, and most other Shoutcast/Icecast compatible players.

You can use the free FStream player on iPhone, or Nullriver’s $6 Tuner Internet Radio (which I like a lot). I understand the media player on Nokia phone works. And many other phones can use‘s free conversion service for listening.

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  1. So far here in Nottingham, England I have been driving around listening to TWiT AM with only a couple of minor drop outs of 3G in built up areas. I guess we have good coverage or the stream works well.

  2. working great, not so much on GPRS though, I get some hickups, not allot, but I do get them.

  3. Using gsplayer on a HTC Touch and it works great here in Mount Albert, Ontario. No dead spots here on the mount. 🙂

  4. Works Great!!! Using it with Nullriver's Tuner and i can finally listen to Twit at work! Thanks for the tip on MacBreak 108 the other day!

  5. Does this link work outside US? I´m from Brazil and I´m receiving a 404 error when accessing it.Tks

  6. Thanks Leo. I am up in Canada and the stream sounds great on Tuner Internet Radio on my iPhone. Love the Network and look forward to hearing more. Works well on Edge as well.

  7. Leo-thanks for setting the bit rate down to 32 kbps. Audio stream starts immediately in Windows Media Player now. It was taking several minutes to buffer after the Barix box was installed and was broadcasting at the higher rate. Works great now.

  8. Thanks! VLC 0.9.3 is super fast. Will insert into shoutcastlist instead of playlist later. Really clean audio even with Safari, Firefox 2, Mail and several Terminal windows that I cmd +tab thru.

  9. I have installed the Fstream application to try to listen to the live audio on but it will not connect even when I am on wifi. The other preinstalled French m3u links on the application work OK. Asx link that I put in myself works fine. I see it saying connecting then just disconnected after. Anyone on a first generation iphone having success?(first gen. iphone v2.1, Fstream v1.0)

  10. Sample audio via VLC indicates off-air loop needs volume increase. A sample that crosses loop to live soon. Here is short clip of loop feed —

  11. I just updated FStream on my iPod Touch and works great! I couldn't get it to work when I first tried before it was on, so I don't know if it was the FStream update that made it work or the address move. Either way it works!

  12. I'm interested in the ability to do this on my Sprint Blackberry Curve. Anyone had any luck?

  13. Someone mentioned that BerryTunes stream great on the BB. I haven't tried it myself.

  14. I have the tuner from nullriver on my iphone, and I enter the address and it says invalided URL Can You Help

  15. Is this a 24*7 looping stream (e.g. of last show) or is it only on during a live broadcast?I ask because it is not working for me right now – and I am moderating a submission to streaming radio database and I can't really let this through if it is not 24*7

  16. It's a 24×7 stream. During live shows (~35 hours/week) it's a simulcast of the TWiT Live video. The rest of the time it's a playlist of TWiT programs plus various interstitial randomness (music, old radio shows, short bits, etc.)

  17. Leo,You might test or /listen.m3u (which generates an m3u file on the fly) for that matter, on QuickTime. I'm using the latest version, v7.5.5, and it's not able to load the stream with either URL.So, I'm thinking QuickTime is not liking something about the “m3u” file that icecast is generating. I haven't used icecast in some time, so I don't remember if it is able to produce “pls” files on the fly as well. I did try /listen.pls and that was invalid, so I assume it's not setup to do that, as is. So, I tried making my own pls file and managed to get QuickTime to load the stream that way. Unfortunately, if I then bookmark this, it actually saves a bookmark to the pls file on the filesystem. You might see if you can configure icecast to generate “pls” files, or host a “listen.pls” file on the site. Here's the “listen.pls” file that works me:[playlist]numberofentries=1File1= TWiT LiveLength1=-1Version=2

  18. Actually it does support Shoutcast/Icecast. I've used it for many years with other streams. I think why I've never had any problems with other streams is because they usually provide “pls” format playlist files. I just spent some time researching this further, and the consensus seems to be that early versions of QuickTime (ie. v4-5) had trouble supporting streams created by newer versions of shoutcast. However, as I'm running the latest version this shouldn't be applicable. Anyhow, in looking into this I found that QuickTime can handle a URL direct to the stream (without playlist or m3u file) if you use the “icy://” handler rather than “http://” handler.I tested this with the TwiT stream and sure enough, it works.. that is press Command-u then type “icy://” Well, I figured this might be useful info to anyone else that may prefer to use QuickTime for streaming.

  19. Ahh. That's great! Thanks for figuring this out.I think that Icecast is neither a pls or m3u but simulates m3u for compatibility. I don't think it does a .pls file at all.

  20. Does anyone know what the settings are for VLC? I haven't been able to get it to play.

  21. What are the proper settings for the “format” and “bitrate” on Fstream? Thanks.

  22. For all you Blackberry users…I have never been able to get any of the .M3U urls to play using the internal media player (browsing to any of the,, etc.). They connected, but after opening the stream, the player just “sat there”.I just downloaded BerryTunes ( from your blackberry browser), and ran it (you'll find it in the “Downloads” folder).After executing it, press the Menu button (that's the blackberry logo). Select Radio.Press the Menu again, and select “Add Station”. Under the URL, enter “” (Name it whatever you lik [I called mine “The Tech Guy”]). Click on OK.Click on “Favorites” and you should see your added station. Click on it, and the last line in the display should go from “Connecting” to “Buffering” and finally to the name of your station (“The Tech Guy”, in my case).You can also press the menu button and direct the output to your blackberry bluetooth audio!Listening as we speak.

  23. I have used this FStream application in my phone and its working more than my expectations.. I wanna know is it available 24/7..??

  24. Its great to be able to listen to Leo 24/7. Leo is the best!I was using fstream and the twit app on the iPhone and then I switched to a BB Bold. The only thing I was missing from the iPhone was the twit app and thanks to Mark Ward on this site I am now using berry tunes.

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