TWiT Live Sidebar Gadget

Thanks so much to Justin Belec who wrote a handy little TWiT Live sidebar gadget for Vista.
This gadget lets you listen along to TWiT Live without taking up much screen real estate. When you need it you can pop-up our official programming calendar or zoom the video open.

Download Justin’s Vista Sidebar Gadget here:

TWiT Live Gadget

Justin says it’s beta, so give him your feedback in the comments. (I’ve already told him “calendar” is misspelled.) Incidentally, it’s for Vista-32 bit only. Apparently there’s no 64-bit version of Flash.

Windows, Mac, and Linux users can also use Peter Elst’s TWiT Live Air App for a full screen window.

10 Replies to “TWiT Live Sidebar Gadget”

  1. Is there a good free program to convert MP9P (itunes) to mp3 to plan on my nonsony player ??

  2. Just since it's a little bit related, was wondering on your thoughts/plans on an audio stream of TWiT live for non-flash devices? Have you given up on the idea? Don't have enough time to look into it?

  3. Funny you should ask. I just purchased a third dedicated server from Softlayer with a gigabit connection to the world and 4TB monthly bandwidth. That's enough for 2,000 listeners at 32kbps or 1000 at 64kbps. If more listen, I'll buy more bandwidth. I'm going to be setting up a Icecast server in the next few days. It should work fine on any device that can listen to an MP3 stream – which is, I believe, most devices. Stay tuned for details.

  4. Hey Justin, this gadget works fine in Vista 64 bit. You did a great job!I also can't wait for the audio only stream.

  5. Hmmm, the gadget doesn't seem to render correctly in Leo's pic. Must be an Aero thing.

  6. i LOVE this control, especially now that it does the audio-only version (i'd actually prefer the video, but since I'm on Vista 64, better audio-only than nothing).If you could pass this on to Justin – my only request would be this:The “Calendar” button and popup are awesome and work great – Just wondering why they're hidden when in audio-only mode? I'd love to be able to have that button available without having to switch to video mode, which of course kills the feed.Minor, but would be awesome!Thanks for a great, handy tool!

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