Bearhug Camp Live

Today is an important landmark in the world of open micro-blogging/messaging (think Twitter without limits). The first Bearhug Camp will bring all the players together, Twitter, Laconica, Microsoft, Google, and more, to talk about the future of XMPP, track, and open micro-blogging. Watch live all day on TWiT Live. And join the conversation on our own microblog (thanks to Laconica), the TWiT Army.

5 Replies to “Bearhug Camp Live”

  1. Leo;Is the stream for BearHug Camp going to be available on demand? I could only watch a little bit of it live and want to go back and watch the rest….

  2. Twitter has brought the entire micro blogging concept to be seen under a new light. Good luck on your venture to bring all the big names at one place.

  3. great stuffs … micro blogging appears to be really cool!!!!!!!!!! thanks for your post!!!

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