7 Replies to “Abby Arrives In France”

  1. You're a braver man than me Leo. Maybe by the time my daughters get to Abby's age, it will be different, but I just couldn't let them out of my site let alone out of this country! I get notifications from the local sheriff's office of sex offenders that live within a mile of my address. It's unbelieveable how many there are…..and I'm in a decent neighborhood! How do you take your little princess from her world of make believe and everything's sweet and wonderful, to, honey, don't go near that house half a block away. Why daddy? That nice man waves to me. {{{{{{shudder}}}}}}

  2. Such a wonderful opportunity for someone her age. She'll do great. I wish my son, Josh, could have done something like that.

  3. Glad she made it 😀 hard to let kids go. My daughter moved out to start college — at least she is only 50ish miles away and we can see her occasionally ;)Hope Abby has a wonderful time in France!

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