TWiT 152 Pulled

My apologies – a stray audio track was accidentally left in the mixdown for this week’s TWiT, I Dream of E3. I’ve pulled the episode and am re-editing. A fixed version will be up in an hour or so. Please accept my apologies.
UPDATE: I’ve posted a fixed version. You can get it on now or download it directly here. The feeds have been updated, as well.

Once again, sorry for the error.

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  1. Thank you for re-editing this week's TWIT. From around 45 minutes it just becomes unlistenable.

  2. Oh, I see you are already aware and resolved the situation. Just tweeted about the extraneous audio since I have the older feed on the iPhone I'm listening to.

  3. I'm on a 1mb DSL line and I was really hoping for a way to watch Twitlive. Its…so close but due to the good video quality it constantly skips for me. Is there an audio only way. I'll try to look into stickcam when I have more leisure time. I just wish I had a buffer of some sort or just a more compressed version of the video so I could watch….or I could stop being cheap and pay $60/ month instead of $30 but thats not going to happen.I think what your doing now is going to be historic. (Thumbs up directed toward the south)

  4. Thanks Leo, It happens.It was bothersome but not impossible to listen to, thanks for fixing it though. I'll listen again.I actually have a question about the original, with about 25 seconds left Veronica said: “Well, I still think your an a$$”. Who/what was she talking to/about?c

  5. Thanks for fixing it. It was only slightly obnoxious, not totally unlistenable. (:

  6. I kept thinking any minute now he's going to realize he's recording the game he's playing in the background. Nope….guess not.

  7. Actually Sunchicken, there are some times where DSL becomes a little freaky out here in the boondocks, and I have a solution! If you just want to listen to the audio, go to, stay on the main page. In one of the bottom corners, there is a little icon that looks like a webcam. Click it once, and it will stop the video, but keep the audio, but this make take a few seconds to a minute to stop the video.Also, I do believe that Leo is working with Stickam to provide a feature that allows audio-only streaming as well. Hope this helps!

  8. Nothing much really, the “thanks for being on the show”s were happening (accidentally I guess)… Veronica was on the way out.-dead air-“Well, I still think your an a$$” from Veronica and nothing else. Leo seems to be asking people to delete it, I'm guessing it's something mostly unrelated or god knows what. Without context it just sounds bad.Really, is there anything for Leo to say? Not really, it can only create some wild rumor and we don't know anything (nor will we I guess).But I'm keeping it, sorry Leo ;)c

  9. 30 bucks for 1mb connection? Im in the UK and Im paying £7.50 (15 dollers) for a 8mb unlimited deal….And I thought it was us Brits who got ripped off..

  10. Thanks Man…by the time I got back to checking on this post it looks like the Live streaming is alive and well. Still wish I had a way to see the video even if if it looked like it was from the Halftime Video in “NBA Jam” for SNES.

  11. SOLVED – If anyone read my post about wanting to watch the live Video Feed at a lower video quality to stop skipping audio I have an excellent alternative for you. Just Start the Live Audio Feed using Winamp or a compatible “icecast” player. Go to the Live Video Feed and Turn the Video Feed volume down or mute it. The skipping Video doesn't bother me at all and being able to watch this without skipping audio is a major bonus for a guy like me with a limited 1mb Internet connection. Very Happy about this, Cool.Go to Home on this page or Stream link –

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