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We’re going to test out TWiT Live’s live coverage capability Monday, June 9, at 9:30a Pacific/12:30p Eastern/1630 UTC, with live commentary on Steve Jobs’s keynote at WWDC. Join Andy Ihnatko, John Moltz (formerly of Crazy Apple Rumors), and me as we watch the keynote together (we won’t be in the room but we’ll be following it on the web along with everyone else). After the speech ends, Chris Breen of Macworld Magazine, who will be in the room will give us his impressions.

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  1. Great! Look forward to joining you.Might be a bit difficult, as you'll be talking over His Steveness.

  2. It'll be nice to watch you and twitter go down. Hang on, there was comma missing. It will be nice to watch you. While's watching twitter go down. Better. I hope the everyone's ready for it.

  3. Will Andy and John be in studio or via skype? And will they have video?Looking forward to it – it also comes back to that whole discussion about watching stuff together with your own community.Keep up TWiT Live – it's really coming together now and if not, it is together. Enjoying it throughly although… 25 hours of my life have disappeared each week. :p

  4. it would be very cool to get the special stuff like this or the ugm shows as recordings somewhere. just the audio would be fine, and you wouldnt even have to edit it…. you know, for people like me, living in inconvinient time zones.

  5. where do we watch the video, leo mentioned it a million times, but im such a good mistener, I need to hear it again =^..^=

  6. Will the video (or audio) of this be available to dowload afterwards?

  7. up here in canada (niagara falls) are gr 11 and gr 12 program class will be watching you live =]

  8. Gosh can't you just link to it?I love you Leo but your sites are really confusing. Just kill them all and unify, then link to stuff! I never know how to find stuff.

  9. Is there any way you recorded something like this and will upload it for all to view?

  10. A little sad about the MB weekly coverage. You guys were watching the shiny objects instead of getting the substance. A few thoughts. No mention of Snow leopard? huh? I imagined that after a brief ZFS conversation, and the complete revamping of Quicktime alex would have been reaching for a pack of cigarettes asking everyone if it was good for them too. OpenCL and Grand Central should have had the geekier a bit smitten as well.You talked about mobileme, but it wasn't quite the same without Merlin talking about how he hopes this is what he has been asking for for the past year plus!Looking forward to next week.

  11. I did record it, but the audio quality was so godawful I don't think I'll post it. We will definitely do a TODcast – TWiT on Demand – as soon as I find someone who is willing to host the downloads. With several hundred megs of files a week it's going to be a significant amount of bandwidth.

  12. I don't think any of us had access to the Snow Leopard info handed to developers at WWDC. There's not much to say about an OS that's a year out, anyway. So much could change in that time.

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