Leo’s Twitter Updates for 2008-06-07

  • @heyno Sorry you were banned. I’ll speak to the chat mods. They’re volunteers and sometimes they take their job a little too seriously. #
  • @rozsavage is in the worst gale she’s ever weathered – force 10. I hope to talk with her tomorrow at 10a Pacific (UTC -7). #
  • @Snaggy I only wish @rozsavage could see the lovely potrait Nitrozac did. I think it’s some of her best work! http://snipurl.com/roz #
  • Painters are here and disconnected the only TV with cable. Guess I’ll have to listen to Hillary’s speech on the radio. How quaint. #
  • Looks like Agile and Twitter got into a cat fight at @rozsavage. Very very sorry. I’ll update her twitter by hand from her SMS from now on. #