Leo’s Twitter Updates for 2008-05-30

  • New Comcast modem is even faster – 30mbps down – but it’s still dropping out. Which, unfortunately, kills TWiT Live even tho it’s on the T1. #
  • @ryanblock GnuPG but you’ll need to do some fiddling. This doc is handy – http://snipurl.com/2bidg – and get this http://snipurl.com/2bidp #
  • @Agent_C What percent of malware infections are you able to remove without reformatting the drive? How often do those machines stay clean? #
  • @docwho76 Each connection is discrete. The video stream goes to Stickam on a T1. Skype uses the DSL. General surfing is left to Comcast. #
  • @danwil The Wire, Season 4. Only one season left. -snif- So far I like season 2 the best. @hotdogsladies likes 1 & 5. #
  • @docwho76 I was using Comcast to manage the Stickam chat. If I leave the chat, the Stickam server closes. I’ve asked them to change that. #