Leo’s Twitter Updates for 2008-05-29

  • Martin and I kiss and make up. Then kiss some more. http://revision3.com/internetsuperstar/feud/ #
  • @pazaq Save some money and get the Cann 50mm 1.4 – it’s fast enough. (But the 1.2 is lovely!) #
  • @detorn I think I’ll stick with Disqus after all – I don’t want to whipsaw my blog readers. #
  • @bhenry05 Dane is training a new editor (Tony) so MacBreak Weekly will be a little late, but it should be out any minute now. #
  • I may not be able to retire Visual Hub after all. MKV file crashed the AppleTV. Sapphire is very cool though – imports metadata from IMDB. #
  • The cool thing about the aTV hack is that I can now FTP files right into the Apple TV and use Sapphire to tag and categorize automatically. #
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