Leo’s Twitter Updates for 2008-05-25

  • Abby and her date are off to the senior prom. He was wearing a Zoot Suit. She was in a green gown with a silk scarf from @valeriekhoo. #
  • @barrybrown I own both. The Mackie Onyx is more flexible because it has AUX channels (mix-minus for Skype). I use the MOTU for field record. #
  • I’m heading to Sausalito to see @rozsavage off. She leaves at midnight to try to become the first woman to row solo across the Pacific. #
  • Roz just rowed out under the Golden Gate Bridge at midnight. Next stop: Hawaii. Follow her @rozsavage. It’s truly inspiring. #
  • @RozSavage is attempting a solo row of the Pacific. She will podcast and Twitter her progress via sat phone. We’ll talk Tuesday on TWiT. #
  • @pjakobs Toughest is getting to sea. She got caught in the eddies around the GG Bridge. Took 8 attempts to get through but she made it! #
  • @erazmus I have three interviews with her which I will podcast, then we’ll talk with her 3x a week via sat phone until she arrives. #
  • @TechNTools I told you guys Jaiku was better! It’s Twitter + Brightkite + Friendfeed and running on Google servers. If only you’d listened! #
  • @OceanDoctor Yes – Roz has a satellite phone which can send SMS messages mid-ocean. I think she’s got someone posting them as tweets, tho. #
  • @pjakobs That’s why she left at midnight – to catch the ebb tide. But the currents eddying around the GG Bridge are very intense. #
  • Woo hoo! Well done @MarsPhoenix! #

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