Leo’s Twitter Updates for 2008-05-19

  • We’ll recreate the Ultimate Gaming Machine on TWiT Live and give it away after. No Twittter membership required. http://snipurl.com/29l98 #
  • @MasterZap I’m not reneging. I just have to figure out the fairest legal way to give UGM away. Please don’t unfollow anyone on my account! #
  • @gully666uk I have to get some legal advice on contests. If I can give it away internationally I certainly will. 25% of our audience non-US. #
  • @RobertBIrish Absolutely not, Robert. I was just getting overcompetitive (which is a problem I have). We’re not going to use Twitter at all. #
  • @dogsupporter I don’t blame you a bit. I can only say I was drunk and out of control. Everyone follow @kevinrose and unfollow me. Please! #
  • The new video card fixed my Mac Pro. It’s good as new. Missed ya big fella. (Original Mac Pro: bad ATI X1900 -> new Apple Nvidia 88 … #

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  1. Leo,Do you have a video or page that describes what you did for the UGM 2008. All is can seem to see is the video of ten years ago? I want to see what you did for the 2008 version.

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