Leo’s Twitter Updates for 2008-05-18

  • @digitalkitty and I went to Costco to get stuff for the studio: batteries, iPods, a 37" Toshiba LCD TV, and one 6-gallon tub of Velveeta. #
  • @patricknorton Guests of TWiT Live dine at the world-famous Della Fattoria Cafe in downtown Petaluma. Where they stay is their own problem. #
  • @digitalkitty You think maybe we should build the new ultimate gaming machine on TWiT? Start specing the hardware! #
  • I’m kind of sad. The 10th Anniversary of the launch of ZDTV was May 11 and I neglected to note it in any way. #
  • @MicrosoftVista I’ve always bought my rechargeable batteries from Thomas Distributing: http://thomas-distributing.com #
  • @XPR The new Tricaster is working great – I’m having a blast playing with it, but until the 2.0 software comes out we can’t use it on air. #
  • I’m going to turn my old Mac mini into a media center with XBMC. Ordered an El Gato EyeTV 250+ to connect cable. What else do I need? #