Leo’s Twitter Updates for 2008-05-17

  • Took some time today to breathe and think. Cleaned up the studio, wired up the Tricaster, and dusted the Emmy. #
  • Just so ya know – don’t ask me to promote your Twitter based service if it’s called twit-something. TWiT is my trademark and I’m sensitive. #
  • Do you ever get so apathetic that even when you read an email that you really should respond to you just go ‘meh!’ That’s me right now. #
  • NY Times says it tried to contact me for story on Stickam spam, but I have no email or phone msgs. Haven’t checked the homing pigeons tho. #
  • @infoholic If you’ve been getting Stickam spam read David Gallagher’s article: http://snipurl.com/29949 – I get msgs like that all the time. #
  • @JTShea If I respond to that my Twitter would be filled with other people begging me to say hi. I don’t negotiate with terrorists. Hi. #
  • It’s American Graffiti Day in Petaluma. (Some of the movie was filmed here.) Place is full of old cars and Fonzies. Where were you in ’62? #
  • I’m live on WJR Detroit with the Internet Advisors, Foster, Ed, and Gary in just a moment. 16:9 video at http://twitlive.tv, too. #

6 Replies to “Leo’s Twitter Updates for 2008-05-17”

  1. can't find the “rmilk” bill reminder that you were just talking about… our milk? do I have the name right?Thx (been listening off and on since 1991)Jeff

  2. I can't remember the name of the terrific new website you mentioned today's show. The one the “genius” was developing. Could you post it somewhere on your site? He was to be a guest but his site ran into trouble and he wasn't on when I was listening.Many Thanks,Gerry

  3. Leo, with the explosion of twitter services that call themselves “twit”-something I think it's time to enforce your TWiT trademark.

  4. Leo, I've got a great new service you should really consider promoting. It's kind of like “downforeveryoneorjustme.com”, except instead of providing “yes” or “no” answers to that question, it answers the question, “Am I foolish?” It's called NiTwiT. 🙂

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