Leo’s Twitter Updates for 2008-05-16

  • Today was a nightmare technically but very satisfying nevertheless. I think we’re having a problem with power and heat. The Mac Pro died. #
  • I’m pretty sure it was the X1900 video card in the Mac Pro that bit the dust. Video had been deteriorating for weeks. Ordered an 8800. #
  • Reading the Tricaster manual and dreaming of barn door wipes to be. #
  • @digitalkitty Oooo. Dream sequence fades. Very cool. We used those a lot on The Screen Savers. Tomorrow is Tricaster play day. #
  • Getting ready to do Coast to Coast AM with George Noory on the Missouri My Space indictment. #
  • @ComputerNerd53 You have to fit your presentation to the stage. George has a more relaxed late night style – so I tried to match! #
  • @Stranahan Tricaster Studio with four (maybe five) cameras and several computer screens. I can’t wait to play with it tomorrow. #
  • @lonbaker We’re using 11 litepanels: 4 1×1, 4 mini, 3 micros. You don’t really need that many but we wanted flexibility and depth. #
  • @Steve95613 Never met Art Bell. He was supposed to join us at a Premiere dinner with Bob Crane last January but went to bed instead. #
  • @crips07 @crips07 Thanks Chris! If you ever have any openings on the weekend call Premiere Radio about the Tech Guy show. I hear it’s great! #
  • @dmcglathery http://www.eset.com is good for both anti-virus and anti-spyware. Removal isn’t always possible however. Once infected, format. #
  • @Stranahan Newtek has been great. Philip Nelson sent Donny O up from San Antonio with a replacement unit when the first arrived DOA. #
  • @biird The Tricaster is going to let me be Director, TD, tape op, CG op, and host all at the same time. My ADD addled self is stoked. #
  • @THErealDVORAK Not THAT Bob Crane. The Bob Crane that runs C Crane Radio. http://ccradio.com Hoooogan! #
  • @THErealDVORAK I like http://speedtest.net – but I’ve always been a sucker for a flashy interface. 22/3 Mbps from Comcast Business w/ Burst. #
  • @Dan_H Probaby because they’ve been holding their breath walking past Accounting. #
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