TWiT Livelier

TWiT Live inches closer and closer to reality. The lights are in (thanks to Pat Grosswendt of A new Tricaster should arrive tomorrow. We’ll be setting cameras this week and working on the network that will allow us to show screens and callers.
We’ve already started broadcasting live on the Internet from 11a-4p Pacific, 2-7p Eastern, 1800-2300 UTC every day except Monday and Friday. You’ll see the live video on the Leoville front page, on the Tech Guy site, and For now, it’s mostly me recording the week’s podcasts, but we’ll add more content bit by bit, including call-ins, interviews, and new shows. Patrick and Dvorak are skeptical, but I think I’ll be able to do 25 hours of fresh, interesting, programming each week. Or die trying!

For those of you who saw the hour long chat with Scott Bourne about his bird photography last Wednesday, that’s exactly what I hope to do with TWiT Live. It’s just a matter of getting people into my studio in Petaluma, or via Skype video. I’m confident that between viewer calls and the interesting people I can lure up, we’ll have a lot of great stuff. For example, Justine is coming in this Wednesday for MacBreak Weekly and I hope to spend more time with her afterward.

Don’t worry if you can’t see all the live stuff. I plan to offer recordings of the best of these impromptu sessions on Stickam as Flash plus create a high-quality H.264 “Best of TWiT Live” podcast which you can subscribe to in iTunes or Apple TV. The Scott session is a perfect example of that. I hope I can do several like that a week. We may also run them during non-live hours. Eventually I want to go 24-hours with TWiT Live, between me, re-runs, and with any luck, a few additional live on camera hosts. I see TWiT Live as a homegrown CNBC for Geeks within three years.

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  1. Leo,
    This is great. Your content is great, and your guests are some of the best in the tech industry today.
    Keep up the great work, can’t wait to see where this goes next.

  2. I would LOVE to see a return of some kind of Tech channel to my TV provider, but if nothing else I might just turn off the TV, up my internet bandwidth and watch as much as possible. You were always my favorite and you made the right move leaving G4.

  3. Sounds great, Leo, I just hope You will offer the “Best of TWiT Live” H.264 video for people without iTunes or Apple TV as well. Please?
    Thanks and: If anyone can fill a whole day with interesting shows to watch, it’s You, Leo!

  4. Sounds great Leo. I’m even upping my download cap … as I come from the land Down Under aka the land of ridiculous download limitations. Looking forward to TwitLive – what you’re doing is awesome.

  5. Thanks Leo
    This will help me get through these somewhat bad times.Nice to see a friendly face when I am down.

  6. Love your content Leo. A similar question to @weckman’s, will you provide an iPhone / iPod touch in addition to HD?

  7. Will you offer a chance to participate as a member of a live audience? I would love to come by and be apart of the show like it was the old techTV days.

  8. Leo – I love your netcasts and content!
    The last 2 nights (may 21 & 22) the Stickam stream has remained up/open after you went off the air. It gives people a chance to talk and congregate, which is nice of you, but I wonder if it may have some negative effects on your brand/stream.
    Your stream is featured on Stickam (i’m sure part of your arrangement), but when nothing is really being broadcast, I wonder if there is a potential degradation to your brand. For people who don’t know what you are up to and for those seeing your feed for the first time, no content for hours at a time, may not be a good thing.
    You know better than I for sure, but I think it is something to consider, especially as you try to increase the viewers in the live feed. I think you are on the frontier of the melding of media and hope the Live venture is a huge success, towards that end, you may want to give some thought to an “empty” feed. (just my $.02)
    Good luck! Brian

  9. Dear Leo,When my wife and I had dish tv we became huge fans of you and your show, several years ago. When TechTV took you guys off the air I thought “the people that run TechTV are idiots. Screensavers is the best computer info show in the nation”. I was a network administrator that had a LOT to learn and your show answered many of questions that I wondered about, and the timing was so uncanny I wondered if we had a COSMIC connection. Wahooooo. I’ll say bye. But now that I’ve found you again I will be a dedicated listener. Take Care, Rick and Toby.
    PS – Toby and I met you when you took Screensavers to Austin, Texas and had a conversation about something your sister had in common with Toby – living in Africa. (My wife started a charitable organization that provides free wheelchairs and Bibles to children in Kenya). I’ve been asking the Lord to continue blessing you and your family and workers. May the Lord richly bless you.) visit our website at

  10. Love you Leo,I sure miss Techtv alot but I think this can be bigger,Keep up the good work

  11. You’re the best Leo. How are you going to actually make $$ to keep doing this and not completely burn out? Your enthusiasm for life is inspiring.

  12. Leo
    I am so glad to see you back.
    You and the gang were my inspiration back in the Screen Saver days, and were my main source to keep up-to-date on all the coolest, newest computer hardware.
    By the way, tell Patrick I miss the cool Kilts too……

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