Leo’s Twitter Updates for 2008-05-12

  • @geoffsmith – can I play the I’m A TWiT song as the closing music for this week’s show? Don’t want to violate your copyright! #
  • I’m liking Adobe’s new Flash-based online word processor. http://buzzword.com. Thanks for the tip @cbee! #
  • Uh oh. It’s Amish Friendship Bread baking day. The chain letter of baked goods. #
  • @sandieman That’s odd. Buzzword supports Safari 3 but not 3.1. Wonder if it’s a Flash thang. I use Flock anyway. #
  • Favorite call from Sunday’s radio show: the long haul trucker who wants to install lights and cameras in his cab to do a sketch comedy show. #
  • @helene1026 Not necessarily. You have to convince AT&T to give you naked DSL. http://snipurl.com/28i08 #
  • It’s May! It’s May! Amish Friendship Bread baking begins today. Wait. That doesn’t sound right. #